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Traffic management

  • Transport: Cité, urban traffic management system | SPIE

    Cité, urban traffic management system... A unified management system is now essential in order to coordinate your city's increasingly dense traffic, more complex travel, and the ever growing number of systems and devices installed
  • Transport: Agora, road & motorway traffic management system | SPIE

    Agora, road & motorway traffic management system... Plans of action, VMS display strategies and traffic management plans
  • Meir tunnel | SPIE

    This fast track 5 week project was valued at £ 1.2m and works were carried out on a rolling night shift, with the tunnel's traffic management system removed every morning to allow normal traffic use during rush hour... Furthermore, the team were able to bring the project to a successful conclusion one week ahead of programme, thus, saving substantial Traffic Management costs; a great achievement for all the team involved
  • Transport: PrioCité, public transport priority system | SPIE

    Standalone system working with traffic management systems and current automatic vehicle location systems (AVLS. Compatible with all existing and brand new intersection controllers
  • SPIE presents its expertise in intelligent mobility at Intertraffic 2012 exhibition | SPIE

    Intertraffic, a biennial trade fair, must attend event to stay up to speed on the development in the fields of infrastructure, traffic management, safety and parking. Demonstrations in real time of" Open" ITS (Open Intelligent Systems) solutions are held in the heart of the stand SPIE, providing an overview of the expertise of SPIE in the field of intelligent mobility with systems covering: urban travel management; crossroads right-of-way; passenger information and operational support; traffic management assistance; remote toll operation; multimodal travel management as well as safety control station, control room ergonomics, centralised technical management systems, etc
  • Sustainable mobility | SPIE

    Optimising traffic management and safety... Improving traffic management
  • Grand Lyon renews its confidence in SPIE Sud-Est with CRITER maintenance contract | SPIE

    CRITER- the traffic control system used by Grand Lyon (Greater Lyon) -handles traffic congestion on 2 400 km of roads and optimises traffic management by implementing operating strategies that can be operated automatically or manually. CRITER has gradually developed into an indispensable communicating system
  • SPIE awarded a contract for a new tunnel in Amsterdam | SPIE

    All the necessary technology will be combined in those control panels: control and transmission panels, pictograms, tunnel lighting and ventilation, quality monitoring, emergency exits, sprinkler system, fluid pumps, energy and GSM provision, communication and PA installations, safety alert installation, lighting in the mid- tunnel gallery, traffic control systems and Motorway Traffic Management
  • SPIE Belgium | SPIE

    Whether in the electrical, mechanical and HVAC engineering, energy, communications networks, digital transformation or infrastructure sectors, SPIE Belgium combines know-how and performance to offer you optimum results across the entire range of technical and digital services: energy, electricity, instrumentation, mechanics, industrial piping, automation, traffic management, HVAC engineering, data center and Cloud, document management, IP infrastructures or IT user environments
  • Evry entrusts SPIE with the extension of its urban video surveillance system | SPIE

    renovation of six existing fixed cameras in the town's traffic access management system (retractable bollards. transmission of image streams to the control and information centre (CIC) at Evry police headquarters, -provision of an audio link between the central supervisory station and the CIC