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Technical systems

  • Audi increases its co-operation with SPIE | SPIE

    The German subsidiary of the independent European leader in the areas of energy and communication services guarantees the availability of the technical systems at the new Audi factory in Münchsmünster (Bavaria)... SPIE GmbH will be responsible essentially for the maintenance of the technical systems, and for ensuring the optimum operation of production and secondary processes
  • SPIE wins contract again from Federal Foreign Office | SPIE

    Overall, SPIE GmbH will be responsible for technical systems across a gross floor area of some 210 000 square meters. The service provider manages complex building services engineering in new and old buildings, and meets the client's demanding requirement for the permanent availability of its technical systems
  • SPIE to handle technical operation of the hospital center SRH Waldklinikum in Gera in Germany | SPIE

    The multi-technical provider will be responsible for the operation and maintenance of all technical systems until 2025. Under the terms of the contract, eleven employees of the hospital's building services department will also switch over to SPIE... Since 2007 SPIE has also been assisting with the maintenance of technical systems at the hospital center in Gera
  • "Fruit of the Loom": A new customer for SPIE in Morocco | SPIE

    A special feature of this project, which will mobilise a work force of about 120, is that MELB is also to take charge of the engineering and design of the technical systems to be installed. This clearly demonstrates the ability of our teams to collaborate with the client from the project's early stages
  • SPIE and Munich Re extend their partnership | SPIE

    SPIE main duties include operation, maintenance, refurbishment and modernization of buildings and technical systems. The SPIE experts also handle relocation management and the maintenance of outdoor facilities
  • SPIE Ile-de-France Nord-Ouest chosen for HVAC at BNP Paribas headquarters | SPIE

    This work is to be carried out while the premises are occupied, during non- working hours if necessary, and without shutting down the air conditioning installations so technical systems remain constantly available for trading rooms. Contact SPIE SA
  • Commerzbank continues its long-standing cooperation with SPIE until the end of 2024 | SPIE

    The multi-technology services provider has managed the demanding building complex since it was built in 2001, ensuring the availability of all technical systems... SPIE looks after the complex property's building control system, building services and the heating and air conditioning systems, and also ensures an uninterruptible power supply, as well as emergency power and cooling systems. Due to the great variety and complexity of the systems, the service centre is very challenging from a technical point of view
  • SPIE is taking over the technical facility management of cultural institutions in Berlin | SPIE

    The range of services provided includes the maintenance of historical facades and structures, such as those of the Deutsche Theater, founded in 1849, as well as the repair and maintenance of the entire stage and lighting technical systems. Lifting platforms, revolving stages, hoists and lights in the renowned venues must all work securely
  • EDF awards an HVAC contract to SPIE Est | SPIE

    for the storage area (40 000 sq. m.) :heating and air treatment, fluid distribution, dehumidifying systems, control, and building technical management systems. for administrative offices: under-floor heating, air conditioning and air treatment
  • SPIE Ile-de-France Nord-Ouest entrusted with maintenance of the Quatre Temps shopping centre | SPIE

    centralised technical management systems. automatic fire detection