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Technical skills

  • SPIE Belgium successfully installs the Schuman-Josaphat rail project's electromechanical equipment | SPIE

    Brussels, 20 June 2016 -Thanks to its experience in similar multi-technical work in a railway environment and its employees ' technical skills, SPIE Belgium has installed the Schuman-Josaphat rail project's electromechanical equipment professionally and on schedule, on behalf of the operator Infrabel
  • Beligneux (Ain): SPIE Nucléaire opens its new in-house training centre | SPIE

    Cergy, 13 November 2013 -SPIE Nucléaire has just opened its new training centre at Beligneux (Ain) dedicated to strengthening its nuclear safety and radiation protection culture and to honing its employees ' technical skills... Dedicated to strengthening the safety culture and developing technical skills, its new training centre at Beligneux has as its ambition to ensure optimal transfer of all the company's know-how to its employees
  • Maintenance - Two excellent contracts for SPIE Nucléaire with AREVA NC | SPIE

    Thanks to the technical skills and know-how of its personnel as well as its ability to manage comprehensive maintenance contracts, SPIE Nucléaire has become the top supplier in the field of nuclear and industrial measurements at AREVA's La Hague site. Contact SPIE SA
  • Shipbuilding and repair | SPIE

    Through its Shipbuilding & Repair Department, SPIE Ouest Centre has developed a multi-technical offer to provide project management services to projects requiring technical skills in electricity, piping, mechanics and ventilation, as well as a global offer for electrical installations (electric switchboards, distribution, automation, safety) on board merchant and military vessels
  • Production equipment | SPIE

    The Group offers a wide range of technical skills covering mechanical and industrial electromechanical engineering, HVAC systems, electricity, robotics, automated systems and instrumentation. The Group's multidisciplinary skillset enables it to manage complex and multi-technical projects, while its dense network of locations ensures responsive communications and optimal safety conditions for its customers
  • Multi-technical maintenance | SPIE

    With this network, SPIE offers its customers a wide range of technical skills. HVAC systems, mechanical engineering, automated systems and surveillance and communications systems
  • SPIE Wins Contract in Luxury Redevelopment of the Prestigious Regent's Crescent in London | SPIE

    SPIE's specialist technical skills and extensive experience made them the perfect partner and we have full confidence that they will deliver a high-quality output that meets our exact needs. contactS
  • In-service qualification | SPIE

    Training in project presentation, technical skills and decision-making and responsibility is also provided. In November 2017, the first 24 employees will take their examinations
  • SPIE: the city of the future will be a smart city! | SPIE

    SPIE designs and manufactures innovative and efficient facilities for professionals that meets all the requirements of the city of tomorrow (reduction of CO 2 emissions, attractiveness and economic competitiveness) thanks to a high level of technical skills. Bicycle station networks, electric vehicle charging infrastructure for public and private fleets, telecoms and high speed networks, urban lighting, positive energy building (i.e. very low power consumption) ...SPIE is constantly innovating to make the European cities less polluted, more intelligent
  • SPIE acquires the UK company Matthew Hall and strengthens its leadership in Europe | SPIE

    "By becoming part of the SPIE group, we will benefit from a strong synergy between the technical skills of SPIE and Building and Facilities services. SPIE also share our values and are committed to investing in long term business relationships