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Save energy

  • Saint-Eloy-les- Mines entrusts the maintenance of its public lighting to SPIE Sud-Est | SPIE

    reconstruction work (to ensure compliance with standards and save energy). Comprehensive management of the installations will be ensured by a computer-assisted maintenance system using the specialised EPCenter software for public lighting systems management
  • SPIE Ouest-Centre in the saddle for installation of lighting systems at Pornichet racecourse | SPIE

    Both tracks must be lit up so as to allow television broadcasting of night races but it must be possible to light them up separately in order to save energy. Thanks to synergies between its various offices, SPIE Ouest Centre was able to propose highly attractive technical solutions
  • SPIE Ouest-Centre chosen to cut energy consumption at 7 high schools in Pays de la Loire region, France | SPIE

    SPIE Ouest Centre will also conduct an awareness campaign targeting the schools ' users (personnel, teaching staff and pupils) to encourage them to help save energy, in collaboration with Centres for Environment Initiatives (CPIE). This eight-year contract is worth more than one million euros for SPIE Ouest Centre, which will mobilise its teams in the departments of Vendée and Mayenne
  • Commercial and residential buildings | SPIE

    Renovating buildings also means finding new ways to save energy. For reason, SPIE updated Angers Habitat, a subsidised housing building, by installing 235 m2 of solar panels and 3 condensation boilers to meet all the building's hot water needs
  • Carbon accounting | SPIE

    On the individual level, SPIE has set up systems so its employees can recycle wastes, save energy and optimise travel. At its subsidiaries, the company has instituted rideshare programmes and reduced energy consumption at facilities
  • SPIE unveils an electric crane truck by putting up the Christmas lights in Strasbourg | SPIE

    When the vehicle is stationary, the electric pump automatically deactivates in order to save energy. If the batteries are empty, the crane can continue to operate by being connected to an external electric power supply (380 volts)
  • SPIE awarded "CHP Plant of the Year 2018" | SPIE

    As part of our eleven-year energy-efficiency partnership, we optimised the generation of electricity, heat, air conditioning and processed outdoor air for the Bamberg Social Foundation in 2006/2007 to save energy. However, we did not content ourselves with the savings we had achieved; instead, we continuously looked for further optimisation possibilities, says Thomas Knorr, Project Manager at SPIE