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Renovate the system

  • SPIE Est renovates Fessenheim lock monitoring and control system | SPIE

    SPIE Est renovates Fessenheim lock monitoring and control system. Illkirch, 12 November 2015 -SPIE has won the contract to renovate Fessenheim's lock monitoring and control system; that was first placed in service in 1956 on the Grand Canal d'Alsace located by the Rhine
  • SPIE helps redevelop Les Halles in Paris | SPIE

    In the context of this massive renovation project, Unibail-Rodamco has awarded SPIE Ile de France Nord Ouest a contract to renovate the chilled water system for the shopping centre malls, renew smoke removal plant installations and renovate the ventilation system's fresh air blower units. This work involves the following key features
  • PPP: a novel solution for public lighting in Savigny and Nandy, France | SPIE

    Work is to start in October this year and is to be completed in December 2013 to provide fully renovated lighting systems. In 1973, at the time of the creation of the new town of Melun-Sénart, which has since become the new urban area of Sénart, the towns of Nandy and Savigny-le-Temple were just small villages with only a few hundred inhabitants
  • SPIE Ile-de-France Nord-Ouest renovates social housing units in Seine-Maritime | SPIE

    This work, entrusted to teams from the Haute-Normandie housing department, consists in renovating the boilers and ventilation systems for flats and individual homes on some 90 sites throughout the Haute-Normandie region. The quality of housing renovation work already carried out by SPIE's local teams was a key factor in securing this contract covering more than 1 000 homes
  • SPIE Sud-Est helps renovate Villefranche Hospital | SPIE

    SPIE Sud Est helps renovate Villefranche Hospital. Villefranche Hospital (Rhône) has launched a project to renovate and extend its technical facilities- and has entrusted the related HVAC work to a consortium led by SPIE Sud Est. These facilities concern the hospital's operating theatres and adjoining rooms; obstetrics units; emergency, intensive care, imaging and consulting services; and mortuary