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Reduce consumption

  • SPIE participating in unique Attero recycling plant | SPIE

    By launching this product on the market, Attero is contributing towards reducing the consumption of primary raw materials. The reduction, washing and granulation of this partial waste stream immediately after sorting generates substantial transport savings and cuts CO2 emissions
  • Green economy: a mobile app to test your knowledge | SPIE

    All these tools were eco-designed in keeping with our responsible communication strategy based on achieving Print-Web-Mobile convergence and leading to the systematic implementation of dematerialisation and environmentally-responsible print-on-demand for all our corporate and sales literature, reducing the consumption of paper, energy and chemicals to the strict minimum, and ensuring digital accessibility for people with a disability, explains SPIE Communications Director Pascal Omnès
  • SPIE launches the first completely sustainable development compatible annual report | SPIE

    This" reconstitution" as an on-demand high-definition digital printout reduces the consumption of paper, energy and chemicals to the strict minimum. This use of this function, in its pilot phase for this document, will be gradually extended to all the documents in SPIE's virtual library in order to cut down on traditional printouts
  • Introducing SPIE's 2008 "sustainable development oriented" annual report | SPIE

    This approach reduces consumption of paper, energy and chemicals to the strict minimum as well as eliminating stocks and unneeded copies which then have to be recycled. The POD" rematerialisation" process is performed by high-definition digital printing on Cyclus paper
  • Web-communication: Recognition for SPIE innovations | SPIE

    The complete" POD rematerialisation" process, involving high-definition digital printing on recycled paper, complies with all environment-related requirements currently applicable to the printing industry and reduces consumption of paper, energy and chemicals to what is strictly necessary. Built-in speech synthesis makes the document more accessible, allowing the user to listen to all of its content (including graphs and captions as well as the main texts) with no need for special software
  • SPIE Energy Solutions awarded prize for efficient cooling technology | SPIE

    In 2008, in order to reduce energy consumption in this area, and help reach the German Government's climate protection goals, the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMUB) founded the German Cooling Prize. The award recognises organisations that have developed and implemented low-emission technologies and environmentally-friendly solutions in the area of cooling technology
  • SPIE and Saint-Etienne Métropole urban authority sign the first energy performance service contract in France | SPIE

    Reduce the final consumption of the whole installation... The energy performance contract is also the first in France to demonstrate the possibility of reducing a building's energy consumption in line with Grenelle environmental requirements without necessitating work on the building's existing structure
  • Two DBOM contracts for SPIE Sud-Est | SPIE

    In addition, power connections for office equipment will be automatically controlled to significantly reduce power consumption during non- working hours. contact
  • The SPIE dossiers | SPIE

    To respond to the sustainable development objectives fixed by the Grenelle de l' environnement, it is necessary to drastically reduce our energy consumption. In big cities, to achieve these objectives, the management of all the streams (energy, transport, water...) must be controlled
  • EDF Energy Appoints SPIE UK to support work to improve public and private sector carbon footprint | SPIE

    The partnership will see EDF Energy and SPIE UK work together to reduce the energy consumption of public and private sector buildings throughout the UK... EDF Energy and SPIE UK survey the buildings and prepare detailed proposals for introducing methods, technology or processes that will reduce the energy consumption or costs of those buildings before delivering the project