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Real time

  • SPIE includes the Energisme's "N'Gage" platform to optimise energy performance in buildings | SPIE

    These data are processed dynamically and collected by N'Gage in real time... Teams therefore need an access to their customers ' data of consumption in real time and then and to make this data smart and operational in order to support them as effectively as possible for the optimization of their energy consumption
  • IoT & Data Management | SPIE

    Understand the way in which a building is used and behaves in real time in order to actively streamline and optimise energy consumption and property wear... Track, measure and control water, air and waste consumption and quality in real time
  • SPIE CityNetworks goes digital and boosts its operational excellence for customers | SPIE

    "We have set up online forms to enable site managers to generate activity reports or records in real time via their smartphones, in order to reduce administrative tasks", explains Daniel Beaubouchez, Head of Digitalisation and Innovation at SPIE CityNetworks... The flexibility of the digital hub makes it possible, for example, to increase the number of preventive observation visits and ' safety minutes '. The analysis modules provide the QHSE department with indicators and action plans in real time and eliminate hours spent on Excel
  • SMART FM 360° | SPIE

    SMART FM 360 °, SPIE's connected control platform, makes it possible to centralise, manage, analyse and exploit all the maintenance and operational data of a building in real time... Intelligence at all levels, in order to optimise thanks to predictive maintenance and to track requests in real time until their resolution
  • With its digital solutions SPIE optimizes the operational management of wind farm transformer stations | SPIE

    The data collected in real time from the facilities and the basic technical conditions of the transformer station are consolidated in a digital twin. The plant owner can visualize the reference and real time data with the digital twin and make long-term asset decisions, such as replacing plant components based on SPIE's technical concept proposals
  • SPIE launches SMART FM 360°, its new unified digital platform for its Technical Facility management business line | SPIE

    As the core of SPIE's digital offering, which casts operations, maintenance and building services in a whole new light, SMART FM 360 ° is capable of centralising, managing, and producing reports on millions of data points in real time from existing systems, such as TBM and CMMS systems, but also, by capitalising on the IoT, from new connected objects installed in and in the vicinity of buildings ' technical facilities
  • MAINTid | SPIE

    Requests and reports enriched with intervention (photos, signatures...) available in real time. Knowledge of equipment history and regulatory audits
  • SPIE presents its applied cybeCSRcurity solution for the industrial sector at the FIC | SPIE

    SPIE ICS analyses the measures to be implemented in real time and proactively alerts the customer, while the Industrie division is able to intervene on site or remotely in a secure way, "explains Pascal Mavric, Development Manager for the Cybersecurity Solution at SPIE ICS. Direct cyberattack demo
  • SPIE develops Airportal, an all-in App, for airports | SPIE

    The application only tracks travellers in real time without recording their movements. Safe and anonymous, this solution is ideal for a busy location such as an airport
  • SPIE ICS installs its new national managed services centre in the Inovallée science park (Isère) | SPIE

    Officially opened this autumn, they house the supervision cockpit of SPIE ICS's expertise and services centre which allows the 80 500 checkpoints of the centre's customers to be monitored in real time from a 10- metre video wall. "This video wall offers an overview of our customers ' systems and allow the SPIE ICS teams to monitor all the IT infrastructures of our customers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week