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  • SPIE: Laurent Leschi appointed Group Purchasing Director | SPIE

    Laurent Leschi appointed Group Purchasing Director. Cergy, 7 April 2016 -SPIE announces the appointment of Laurent Leschi as Group Purchasing Director... He began his career in supply chain and purchasing functions in the automotive sector at PSA Group, Siemens Automotive and subsequently Case New Holland
  • Christophe Masson appointed as Purchasing & Real Estate Director for SPIE Sud-Est | SPIE

    Christophe Masson appointed as Purchasing & Real Estate Director for SPIE Sud Est. Feyzin, October 19 th, 2016- SPIE Sud Est announces the appointment of Christophe Masson as Purchasing & Real Estate Director... After graduating with a Master's degree in purchasing from KEDGE Business School (Bordeaux) and a further Master's degree in real estate from ESSEC Paris, Christophe Masson began his career as a departmental head at Leroy Merlin, before becoming the Purchasing Manager for the SME Hypromat Elephant Bleu
  • Pablo IBAÑEZ appointed Director of Operational Support at SPIE | SPIE

    The holder of a MBA from the EIPM (European Institute of Purchasing Management, Geneva), Pablo Ibáñez has 17 years of experience (1993 to 2010) in a purchasing department in the automotive sector. From 2003 to 2010 he occupied various positions in the purchasing department of the Faurecia Group, including that of South Europe Purchasing Director (2007 to 2010)
  • SPIE Belgium stimulates innovation amongst its suppliers | SPIE

    In April 2016, the SPIE Belgium Purchasing Department therefore created the Suppliers Innovation Challenge in order to identify its partners which have demonstrated one or more innovations in terms of product, service or organisation. Nearly forty suppliers responded to the call and submitted their application with no less than 159 different projects
  • SPIE unveils the names of the winners of the "Suppliers Innovation Challenge 2016" in Belgium | SPIE

    In April 2016, the SPIE Belgium Purchasing Department launched" the Suppliers Innovation Challenge" in order to award its most innovative partners. Nearly forty suppliers registered for the Suppliers Innovation Challenge 2016 with no less than 159 different projects
  • SPIE rewarded for recycling its waste | SPIE

    Erwin De Bock, Director of Strategy, Development and Purchasing at SPIE Belgium, is proud to have been awarded this certification and bonus... The Purchasing team from left to right
  • SPIE Île-de-France Nord-Ouest 'Supplier Day': showcasing innovative lighting solutions for industrial and tertiary customers | SPIE

    In addition to our existing strategic suppliers, we are also inviting potential new partners to present their innovations to us with a view to working together to develop lighting solutions that meet the challenges of the ever changing market, explains Mathieu Bancourt, Purchasing and Real Estate Director at SPIE Île de France Nord Ouest
  • SPIE Ile-de-France Nord-Ouest and ITEA: a unique partnership aimed at providing access to employment for people with disabilities | SPIE

    "The success of this unique partnership is fully in keeping with our diversity and responsible purchasing policy, "explains Christophe Masson, SPIE Ile de France Nord Ouest Purchasing Director and head of responsible purchasing for SPIE Group. "Furthermore, this partnership should enable us to provide our clients- both telecoms operators and local authorities- with improved support in the roll-out of fibre-optic networks
  • Belgium: SPIE announces the second edition of its Suppliers Innovation Challenge in December 2018 | SPIE

    Erwin De Bock, Director of Strategy, Business Development, M&A and Purchasing at SPIE Belgium, does not hide his enthusiasm for this new edition. At SPIE, we make a point of choosing our suppliers according to a number of strict criteria, including sense of innovation
  • Ecovadis 2018 ratings: SPIE once again in the top 1% of the most sustainable companies | SPIE

    Special mention made of good practices in sustainable purchasing... Since 2010, the Group's score has continued to improve across the 21 environmental, social, ethical and sustainable purchasing evaluation criteria. SPIE particularly distinguished itself in the area of sustainable purchasing... SPIE's sustainable purchasing policy, which is a priority of the Group's purchasing strategy for 2020, has been awarded ten additional points in 2018, propelling SPIE to its highest ever score in the EcoVadis ratings (76/100). Moreover, thanks to this score, SPIE was awarded the CSR award in the SBF 80 category of' the Grands prix du Gouvernement d" Entreprise" (grand prizes for corporate governance) organised by L'Agefi