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  • SPIE's recruitment site awarded the Accessiweb silver label | SPIE

    The purpose of the Group's new recruitment site, which went online in November 2009, is to develop web awareness of SPIE as an employer, provide information on its business lines and job opportunities, and highlight the Group's Human Resources values and commitments. To bring its recruitment site fully into line with its own Diversity policy, SPIE decided to make it accessible to all web users, including those with disabilities
  • Promoting awareness of sensory disabilities among SPIE employees | SPIE

    Disability officers will be deployed at more than 60 SPIE sites, with entertaining interactive terminals, to organise quizzes and provide information on sensory impairments and the official recognition of disabled worker status. The aim is to give each employee a clearer idea of SPIE's disability policy and of the steps taken to help individuals who are or may be affected by a disability to remain in employment
  • SPIE is hiring! | SPIE

    A dedicated recruitment hotline has been set up on +33 (0)800 732 730 to provide any information. This campaign will be rolled out across other European countries in 2019
  • "SMART CITY" and "e-NITIATIVE BUILDINGS" by SPIE Giving a new meaning to cities and buildings | SPIE

    The Group also plays a key role in traffic improvement, via intelligent systems designed to optimise vehicle management and provide information to operators, drivers and users in real time. Lastly, SPIE develops, improves and enhances the security of transport infrastructures (roads, motorways, airports, rail, maritime and river transport)
  • SPIE demonstrates its development in Germany and Central Europe at Expo Real 2018 | SPIE

    If the facility is operational, the data of the digital twin provides comprehensive information for work preparation as well as in the execution of work on site. For example, moving on site to identify the works to realise can be avoided thanks to the Digital Twin, "highlights Clarissa Hack, Head of Digital Transformation at SPIE Deutschland & Zentraleuropa