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Production equipment

  • Production equipment | SPIE

    Production and: automation of processes, facility energy performance, production lines, industrial cleaning,, fluids, instrumentation for purification plants, water treatment, pumping equipment, industrial piping, storage equipment, connecting oil platforms, etc
  • International Paris Air Show | SPIE

    SPIE supports its clients in the aviation and space industry at every stage of the value chain, improving the reliability, flexibility and performance of their production equipment and utilities. We focus consciously on the industry of the future, helping you meet your needs in relation to optimizing energy use, digitizing processes and maintenance, the internet of things and reducing environmental impacts
  • SPIE Nucléaire has won a multitechnical contract in the context of the construction of the Flamanville 3 EPR | SPIE

    Following an invitation for tenders in December 2007, the Engineering Department of EDF's national centre for electricity production equipment (CNEPE) in Tours, France, has awarded SPIE Nucléaire a multitechnical contract for work on its new third-generation nuclear power plant which is being built on the Flamanville 3 site
  • SPIE continues to develop its predictive maintenance offer in the industrial sector | SPIE

    Based on the Internet of Things (IoT), this solution makes it possible to exploit data collected in relation to production equipment using communicating sensors. A new component of the Smart Industry offering
  • Energy efficiency | SPIE

    With a surface area of 23 000 m 2, this cutting-edge facility located in Meudon (Hauts-de-Seine, France) produces more energy than it consumes due to its bioclimatic architecture and electricity production equipment. SPIE has also worked to promote energy efficiency in social housing, including the Edgar Degas housing project in Toulouse (France)
  • SPIE Nucléaire performs maintenance on soot blowing equipment for three EDF thermal power plants | SPIE

    The Nord Energy Production Department has won a contract through its Saint Laurent Blangy office for the maintenance of soot blowing equipment in thermal power plants at Cordemais, La Maxe and Blénod. This contract worth more a million euros is for a six-year period with no undertaking on the volume of work (which will be invoiced on a list price basis), so the work load can be more evenly distributed