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Player in the economy

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  • SPIE releases its 2011 annual report: All players in the green economy | SPIE

    All players in the green economy... All players in the green economy concludes a trilogy which began with the 2009 annual report entitled SPIE, a player in the green economy and which unveiled the Group's new corporate project centred on integrating carbon constraints and making allowance for the scarcity of natural resources, particularly energy resources
  • SPIE Sud-Ouest wins contract to run energy installations at 21 high schools in Aquitaine | SPIE

    This contract, worth an overall total of 20 8 million, will help SPIE Sud Ouest strengthen its position as a major player in the green economy. Press contacts
  • Vendée: SPIE Ouest-Centre unveils new Challans site | SPIE

    With a staff of almost 50, SPIE Ouest Centre is an established key player in the local economy and its development over the coming years is guaranteed, particularly due to the keen commitment of the Vendée département to setting up digital infrastructures and electric vehicle recharging facilities
  • SPIE receives a 2012 European Digital Communication Award for its annual and sustainable development report | SPIE

    This long standing commitment to sustainable development, which in 2009 become SPIE's corporate project under the banner SPIE, a player in the green economy ', is a cornerstone of both SPIE's business lines and its communication strategy, "said Pascal Omnès, the Group's Communications director
  • Green economy: a mobile app to test your knowledge | SPIE

    Initially distributed to the Group's 30 000 employees along with its staff magazine for the launch of its corporate project entitled SPIE, a player in the green economy, the MyGreenSPIE game is now being rolled out in a big way as a mobile application and on a special Facebook page. Available free of charge in five languages on App Store, Android market and BlackBerry World platforms as well as on Facebook, this mobile app is an entertaining game which heightens awareness of the green economy, i.e. an economy making proper allowance for the scarcity of natural resources and the stakes of climate change
  • Green energy: SPIE included in the Carbon Clean 200 list | SPIE

    A leading player in the green economy. SPIE devises and implements long-term solutions for overcoming energy and environmental challenges
  • 2009 results | SPIE

    SPIE, a player in the green economy. Despite a very uncertain economic climate, SPIE retains confidence in its corporate model based on a portfolio of recurring contracts which enable it to generate sustainable growth
  • SPIE's communication earns distinction at the 26th Communication and Enterprise Grand Prize Awards | SPIE

    Initially distributed in paper form to SPIE's 30 000 employees with the internal magazine when the Group launched its corporate project SPIE, a player in the green economy", the MyGreenSPIE game has since become a multiplatform mobile application with its own Facebook page. Available for free in five languages, MyGreenSPIE is an entertaining tool for raising awareness about the green economy in other words, an economy that takes into account pressure on natural resources and questions surrounding climate change
  • EDF and SPIE join forces to promote energy efficiency among their customers | SPIE

    Local presence, efficiency and responsibility are values that are strongly held by the Group which has been a resolute" player in the green economy" for several years. Implementing the principles of the United Nations Global Compact which the Group joined in 2003, SPIE is the first company to have obtained" the energy efficiency" accreditation awarded by SERCE (French association of electrical engineering and HVAC companies)
  • Homepage | SPIE

    SPIE, a player in sustainable mobility. SPIE supports the low-carbon economy... Development of a solar plant in Hungary