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Operational maintenance

  • The Médéric group entrusts a maintenance contract to SPIE Ile-de-France Nord-Ouest | SPIE

    The Maintenance and Services department of SPIE Ile de France Nord Ouest has won a contract to provide multitechnical operational maintenance and occupant services at two Médéric) (*group plants in the Paris region (in Paris and Colombes) with a total area of 27 000 sq. m. These services will be provided by a six-person team and cover the following technical fields
  • Grand Lyon renews its confidence in SPIE Sud-Est with CRITER maintenance contract | SPIE

    This system was designed and set up by SPIE which has ensured its operational maintenance since it was commissioned in 2001. CRITER communicates with and controls the following equipment in real time
  • Communications and information systems | SPIE

    SPIE continues to serve a broad portfolio of customers in Europe, offering services ranging from technical, financial and energy studies to the operational maintenance of data centres. Consulting, integration and operation
  • SPIE presents its electric vehicle charging systems offering at the first Electromobile Cities Congress | SPIE

    Its expertise covers every aspect of the installation of charging systems, including the choice of the type of charging, connectors, access management with or without electronic payment systems, charging point network architecture, facility design, electrical connection engineering and operational maintenance
  • Public amenities | SPIE

    In Belgium, SPIE was contracted to handle the operational maintenance of the Cointe Tunnel near Liège. The Group set up a high-performance management system that includes dynamic signs, traffic counts in each section of the tunnel, remote management, radio rebroadcast, remote light control and closed circuit television (CCTV)