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Networks system

  • SPIE implements the operation and passenger information aid system for Lyon tram network | SPIE

    SPIE implements the operation and passenger information aid system for Lyon tram network. Lyon's urban transport company, SYTRAL, has chosen a consortium formed by Roiret Entreprise and SPIE Sud Est to implement the TETRA interface (a radio transmission system) and an operation and passenger information aid system for line T4 of the Lyon tram network
  • Public amenities | SPIE

    Building on these efforts, SPIE also offers smart lighting systems, such as the City Networks system... The Group provides remote operation systems for motorway tollbooths, including one solution currently in use on the APRR network that combines video monitoring and intercoms
  • SPIE introduces City Networks - Street lighting adapts in real time to the needs of built-up areas | SPIE

    With centralised remote management via communicating ballasts, the SPIE Group's City Networks system allows a single person to control remotely every single light source in a built-up area. Numerous benefits come from matching intensity of the lighting to life in the districts, optimising the operation times and monitoring energy consumption in real time
  • Green economy | SPIE

    Solutions for high-performance public lighting, such as the City Networks system, now provide real-time remote management for thousands of lights. Eco-neighbourhoods that use new technologies to meet environmental standards have also emerged
  • COP 21: SPIE reaffirms its commitment to the fight against global warming | SPIE

    Looking forward to a low-carbon economy, priority is given to reconfiguring major infrastructures, such as power transmission and distribution systems, airport sites, and road, rail and waterway networks... In this context, SPIE has, for a number of years, been rolling out smart lighting systems, like the City Networks system which allows urban lighting to be adapted to take various factors into account, such as sunlight, number of people or holding of special events requiring more lighting
  • SPIE Nederland | SPIE

    Transmission networks (substations, HV lines), medium-voltage facilities, distribution networks, busbar systems, wind farms, solar power farms. key figures
  • Communications and information systems | SPIE

    SPIE also handles a wide range of services for integrating solutions: work stations, servers, VDI networks (voice, data, images), telecoms services (fixed and mobile networks), information system security, telephony, video protection, networks, storage, etc. These solutions were notably adopted by EADS Defence & Security for its network and security infrastructure, as well as Mann+Hummel for the electrical, IT and access control systems at its site