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Maintain networks

  • SPIE acquires the Klotz BV Company and consolidating its position in the multi-technical building engineering services sector | SPIE

    With 16 locations and over 1 850 employees, SPIE Nederland (a SPIE SA subsidiary) achieved pro forma production of 321 million in 2011. SPIE Nederland, operates in private and public sectors, designing, building and maintaining networks, energy installations, bridges, locks, dams, industrial installations and building installations
  • Energy transport | SPIE

    SPIE is a specialist in liquid and gas network management, designing, installing and maintaining networks for hot and cold water, specialty gases, steam and more. With expertise in a broad range of activities, including piping, HVAC systems, electricity and automated systems, SPIE has the capacity to offer solutions adapted to its customers ' safety, quality and environmental requirements
  • Communications | SPIE

    SPIE develops, integrates and maintains telecommunication networks using cutting-edge equipment adapted to the specific needs of each customer. The Group works across the entire value chain, from charting coverage to installing infrastructure, while ensuring round-the-clock site maintenance, contact and equipment delivery
  • Grand Lyon renews its confidence in SPIE Sud-Est with CRITER maintenance contract | SPIE

    Teams from the urban mobility service (MU) of the IET department maintain and upgrade the central information system's real-time software and hardware, local area network and front-end communication equipment. The maintenance teams (MSIT) of the IET department maintain and upgrade the communication network equipment (fibre-optic, copper, radio and 3G)
  • SPIE Working with Northern Ireland Electricity in Countrywide Network Renovation | SPIE

    It owns and maintains the wires and utility meters for the entire country and its circa 1 200 employees work around the clock to plan, build, repair and develop Northern Ireland's electricity network. SPIE will initially supply 40 linesmen to work across both projects with a view to increasing this number to 70 in order to complete the current programme of works
  • SPIE introduces City Networks - Street lighting adapts in real time to the needs of built-up areas | SPIE

    SPIE introduces City Networks- Street lighting adapts in real time to the needs of built-up areas... With centralised remote management via communicating ballasts, the SPIE Group's City Networks system allows a single person to control remotely every single light source in a built-up area... In a context of controlling energy consumption, the City Networks method meets the new environmental criteria for local authorities