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Low-carbon energy

  • Low-carbon energy production | SPIE

    As a major company involved in green energy, SPIE intends to play a growing role in the global energy transition. Using its wide range of expertise, the Group promotes the development of nuclear and renewable energies on a daily basis. Promoting renewable energies. SPIE plays a direct role in large-scale green projects all across Europe, contributing to the development of renewable sources in the energy mix
  • Green economy: 30% of SPIE's sales by 2015 | SPIE

    SPIE, the European leader in energy and communications services with more than 30 000 employees, has grown strongly since 2010 thanks to the various segments of the green economy: energy efficiency, sustainable buildings, low carbon energies (photovoltaic, wind, biomass, geothermal, hydroelectric, nuclear), eco-mobility, green IT and new data centres
  • EDF and SPIE join forces to promote energy efficiency among their customers | SPIE

    Through this partnership, EDF, a top low-carbon energy supplier, is acting as a driving force to promote and implement effective, efficient solutions as it partners SPIE along the road to energy efficiency. Promoting the priorities of energy management and demand in France's regions