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Innovative system

  • Communications | SPIE

    This innovative system provides remote management and maintenance, as well as telemetering for streetlamps and public lighting systems. Installing broadband networks
  • SPIE helping "Toulon Provence Méditerranée Métropole" to modernise its IT environment | SPIE

    This new and extremely innovative system involves data being stored both in the Microsoft Azure cloud and on site, via the Azure File Sync tool... This smart caching feature therefore offers high performance, security and ease of use in one package. Our client has a highly innovative plan to modernise its IT system, which is based on software, the services available within an Azure Cloud in hybrid mode, and a simplified user experience, explains Jean François Apréa, an expert on Microsoft and the manager of SPIE ICS's Microsoft expertise centre
  • Factory of the future: SPIE Sud-Ouest revolutionises industrial maintenance with augmented reality | SPIE

    This innovative system, featuring a new type of 3D tag developed by the Toulouse- based UBleam startup firm, offers SPIE Sud-Ouest's customers time savings and optimised equipment traceability. Simplifying industrial maintenance
  • SPIE and Sénart en Essonne sign the first public-private partnership for sustainable development | SPIE

    The partnership will roll out innovative systems including the general introduction of remote management which will be implemented not only in the town centres of Sénart en Essonne but also in all peripheral districts. The technology deployed will adapt the operation of lighting systems to the daily needs of the urban areas ' various districts, allowing for hours of daylight, the seasons and annual or special events (such as Christmas illuminations and Bastille Day fireworks display)
  • Sustainable mobility | SPIE

    To meet this challenge, SPIE has developed innovative information systems designed to manage and optimise transport. SPIE offers smart solutions for
  • SPIE to supply air conditioning for the new Elisabeth Hall in Antwerp | SPIE

    With an ingenious and innovative ventilation system, this new concert hall is set to become one of the world's most acoustically efficient venues. The new ' Elisabeth Center Antwerp ' complex will be opening its doors in November 2016. Equipped with the very best facilities, and covering an area of 25 000 m 2 with capacity for 2 500 people, this new concert and conference venue has been designed so as to draw performers and conference events from around the world
  • Maintenance of fire safety systems: SPIE and Azur Drones are innovating with a test solution for a drone fire-safety system | SPIE

    Ultimately, it was the innovative drone system which conformed to all the technical specifications, particularly in terms of safety requirements, as it removed the need for SPIE personnel to work at height. "This innovation, which is a first in France, is merely the first step in the integration of new technologies into the fire-safety-systems profession", explains Florian Vandamme, SSI Business Manager at SPIE Île de France Nord Ouest
  • "Smart City" and "e-nitiative Buildings" from SPIE - Giving new meaning to the city and buildings | SPIE

    The Group combines its long standing know-how in electricity and its expertise in new technologies to propose, install, manage and maintain innovative next-generation systems. contact
  • Innovative 'compactLine' overhead high-voltage line technology becomes a reality | SPIE

    After three years working with the European transmission system operator 50Hertz and other partners on its development, SPIE has completed" the compactLine" pilot line: an innovative- technology for 400 kV overhead high-voltage lines. The pilot line went live at the end of August, marking the start of a monitoring programme which will collect information about its operation for at least the next year