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Improve quality

  • SPIE's tender tops the lot in Cernay | SPIE

    This project, which will bring electrical and fire safety up to standard and improve the quality of the dwellings, is part of the plan to upgrade the Bel Air district of Cernay (Haut-Rhin). The work to be done mainly involves enhancing the building's insulation, external and internal joinery, heating and ventilation
  • ESRF: SPIE Sud-Est helps with programme to improve European research centre | SPIE

    These improvements include, in particular, extending one-third of the building and associated beamlines and greatly improving the quality of the light source. SPIE Sud Est is has been entrusted with work on electrical installations and cabling for light line and machine installations
  • The SPIE dossiers | SPIE

    As an integrator of charging electric stations for electric vehicles, SPIE imagines solutions to improve quality and safety of mobility, particularly in big cities. Charging stations
  • History | SPIE

    Despite two world wars and multiple industrial upheavals, his ambition remains intact: to improve quality of life through innovative technical services. The post- War reconstruction of Europe reaffirms this vocation
  • SPIE Ile-de-France Nord-Ouest signs an energy performance contract (EPC) with the town of Lieusaint | SPIE

    The sustainable development approach adopted for this EPC will enable Lieusaint, one of 12 urban authorities making up the new town of Sénart, in France's Seine-et-Marne department, to cut its energy bills and improve the quality of service for users. This project is a new challenge for the teams from SPIE's Villaroche works unit, with renovation scheduled over a six-year period, contractually guaranteed targets to be met and a technology monitoring plan to be implemented
  • SPIE Belgium aims to roll out BIM across all its divisions | SPIE

    The great advantage of this way of working is to increase the efficiency of the employees and significantly improve the quality of the work done: thanks to the BIM and its 3D models, some welding can be done directly in the workshop and therefore, under optimal conditions, outside the usual hazards of a site (such as variations in temperature, humidity, etc.), without forgetting greater safety for employees
  • SPIE: electric technology and clean car | SPIE

    As an integrator of charging electric stations for electric vehicles, SPIE imagines solutions to improve quality and safety of mobility, particularly in big cities. In those days, it is necessary to reduce greenhouse gases emissions in order to make cities less polluted, more pleasant to live, but also to achieve the objectives of reduction of the energy consumption
  • SPIE positions itself on the ICT market in Belgium with the creation of its ICS division | SPIE

    Our platform literally makes technical data speak, enabling us to improve the quality of our services as well as those of our customers. This creates more added value for the customers of SPIE Belgium
  • BIM : Building twice is more efficient | SPIE

    BIM thus not only provides support with planning and technical configuration, but is also particularly intended to save time and money while also improving quality in the use phase of buildings, which often lasts decades- -for example, in subsequent maintenance. Always keeping an eye on cost effectiveness
  • SPIE is hiring! | SPIE

    This work directly improves the quality of people's everyday lives. A resilient group that forms lasting relationships