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Improve efficiency

  • Jean-Jacques Bucher appointed Strategy and Business Development Director at SPIE France | SPIE

    We support our clients for value creation and to improve their efficiency. contactS
  • SPIE signs a facilities management contract for Generali sites in France | SPIE

    Under the supervision of SPIE which will be the sole contact for the contract, this combination of services will optimise Generali's site operating costs and improve the efficiency of its installations. "The client's requirements for overall supervision via a single contact and clearly defined distribution of operations were decisive factors in obtaining this contract, "says Benoît Dupille, Key Accounts Project Manager in SPIE's business development and marketing department
  • Production equipment | SPIE

    The Group leverages its wide range of expertise to help companies improve efficiency, while offering a variety of services related to industrial facilities. A varied skillset
  • Site security | SPIE

    The Group provides a variety of expertise to improve the efficiency of these facilities, notably in pathway indications, control consoles, passenger jet bridges, baggage sorting and inspection, centralised technical management and building management. Advanced expertise in safety at high-risk sites
  • Energy transport | SPIE

    SPIE also uses its expertise in electrical engineering and HVAC services to improve energy efficiency at customer facilities... Optimising liquid and gas networks to improve efficiency
  • SPIE makes Postbank more energy efficient | SPIE

    The result was an ISO 50001- compliant energy report containing suggestions for improving efficiency, which could be submitted to the certifier for every location reviewed and for the company as a whole. At the same time, in cooperation with the energy management representative of Postbank, the formal requirements of ISO 50001 were implemented and aligned with the regulations of the existing environmental management system, in order to benefit from the resulting synergies
  • SPIE wins a contract with UniHA*, consolidating its expertise in the health sector | SPIE

    In addition, the hospitals will be able to extend the scope of the service centre to Technical Building Management (TBM), thereby improving the efficiency and performance of their establishments. 'For us at SPIE ICS, UniHA's continued trust is a vindication of our digital services model, designed for actors in the world of healthcare and hospitals ', stated Vincent Magnon, Managing Director of SPIE ICS.' 200 of our technicians and experts specialise in that area
  • Diversity Awards: SPIE Sud-Ouest rewarded for its work-study recruitment campaign | SPIE

    It encourages companies to implement a human resources policy focused on the recognition and enhancement of individual skills and so foster cohesion and social equality while improving their efficiency. The charter is supported by the main French employers ' associations, numerous business networks and public authorities
  • FNAC relies on SPIE Ile-de-France Nord-Ouest | SPIE

    As part of this deal, the customer will receive assistance to improve the energy efficiency of its installations, following an energy audit which will be conducted when the contract starts. Contact SPIE SA
  • SPIE: electric technology and clean car | SPIE

    To meet these needs and improve energy efficiency, the electric vehicle, as a clean car, plays an important role. The necessary development of the electric car