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HVAC systems

  • HVAC engineering - SPIE Belgium replaces the HVAC systems at the Saint-Luc teaching clinics | SPIE

    HVAC engineering- SPIE Belgium replaces the HVAC systems at the Saint-Luc teaching clinics
  • EDF awards an HVAC contract to SPIE Est | SPIE

    SPIE Est's Lorraine office has been entrusted with the installation of HVAC systems as part of a project to build a spare parts storage centre at Velaines (Meuse) for EDF's nuclear division. This contract worth more than 2 3 million covers the following services
  • Dijon Hospital keeps faith with SPIE Est | SPIE

    This contract follows an earlier collaboration with Dijon Hospital which entrusted SPIE Est with the installation of electrical systems for its heavy pathologies centre and HVAC systems for its mother-and-child centre. Contact
  • Commercial and residential buildings | SPIE

    For example, SPIE teams designed a Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system adapted to the needs of disabled adults in Saint-Martin-d'Hères (France)... At the Leuven Hospital in Belgium, SPIE designed and set up HVAC systems tailored to the needs of the emergency room, its 10 operating rooms and new sections of intensive care
  • Banque de France awards a contract worth nearly 5 million to SPIE Ile-de-France Nord-Ouest | SPIE

    The HVAC department of SPIE Ile de France Nord Ouest has won a contract for the installation of HVAC systems at the Banque de France's computer facility in East Paris. This contract, worth 4 6 million, covers the safetying and renovation of the cooling plant, distribution system and cooling terminal equipment required to ensure optimal operation of the 1 500 sq. m. computer room
  • Complete electric switchboard solutions | SPIE

    Special switchboards for HVAC systems. Electric switchboards, general switchboards, divisional and local switchboards for the commercial sector and housing
  • A prestigious new industrial customer for SPIE Ouest-Centre | SPIE

    This multitechnical contract, which is being managed by SPIE Ouest Centre (Val de Loire), covers general electrical, fluid depositing and HVAC systems, and some building work. In parallel, SPIE Ouest Centre has called on the expertise of SPIE Oil & Gas Services to help Reckitt Benkiser secure the qualification and validation of its production process with respect to Good Manufacturing Practices regulating quality and hygiene standards in the cosmetics industry
  • Production equipment | SPIE

    The Group offers a wide range of technical skills covering mechanical and industrial electromechanical engineering, HVAC systems, electricity, robotics, automated systems and instrumentation. The Group's multidisciplinary skillset enables it to manage complex and multi-technical projects, while its dense network of locations ensures responsive communications and optimal safety conditions for its customers
  • SPIE involved in Hudson's Bay march | SPIE

    In Almere, the electrical installations were upgraded and the HVAC system optimised. In Rotterdam, SPIE installed new water installations, and in Amsterdam, a brand new sprinkler system
  • Zenith Tower: A major project for Building Systems | SPIE

    The new Zenith Tower will be completed by November 2008. Codic) (*chose SPIE to provide the electrical and HVAC systems for this 22- storey tower with three basement levels and a total area of about 30 000 sq. m. The contract is worth a total of 7 6 million, including 4 million for HVAC, 2 million for electrical installations, and the remaining sum of about one and a half million for suspended ceilings housing air conditioning units