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High voltage installations

  • Commercial sector - SPIE Ile-de-France Nord-Ouest helps refurbish OECD headquarters | SPIE

    SPIE's contribution to this project includes high voltage installations, VDI prewiring, fire safety, access control and anti- intrusion systems, video surveillance and inspection systems, interphone system, uninterruptible power supplies and generating sets. This work is being carried out by the major projects section of SPIE Ile de France Nord Ouest commercial sector electrical engineering department
  • SPIE Sud-Est takes part in the "Plan Hôpital 2012" (2012 Hospital Plan) in Clermont-Ferrand | SPIE

    The Auvergne Forez Operations department of SPIE Sud Est has been asked to take charge of low and high voltage power installations for the whole of this programme which is being conducted out in two phases... The teams from SPIE are responsible for HV and LV power installations, including patient call, access control, 703- point fire detection, clock, interphone, video surveillance and VDI systems
  • SPIE Ile-de-France Nord-Ouest helps renovate Tour Anjou office tower | SPIE

    Through the general contractor, CBC (Campenon Bernard Construction, part of the Vinci group), the client COGEDIM has chosen SPIE Ile de France Nord Ouest to install high and low-voltage systems for the 22 storeys of offices (24 000 sq. m.) and four car park levels (14 000 sq. m.). The services to be provided by the Major Projects section of the commercial sector electrical contracting department concern the following installations
  • SPIE Sud-Est involved in the work to renovate and upgrade Cannes Port | SPIE

    High Voltage -in an underwater area, the implementation of a 1 600 kVA sub-station, in addition to the extension of a high voltage sub-station from 1 000 to 2 000 kVA... Main LV distribution panels (2 000 and 1 600 kVA) 20 high power removable terminals (250A) -supply, installation including participation in design
  • SPIE installs electrotechnical infrastructure at Merck's new packaging centre | SPIE

    SPIE Deutschland & Zentraleuropa has laid 350 kilometres of high and low voltage cables and implemented 600 KNX bus subscribers with data interfaces in the new Merck Pharmaceutical Group's Pharma Packaging Center PH85. The work took place over a 16- month period and a total area of 20 000 square metres
  • Val d'Oise - The Argenteuil basin turns again to SPIE Ile-de-France Nord-Ouest | SPIE

    supply and installation of 47 HV cells and eight HV / LV transformers from 400 to 1 600 kVA. design and installation of an automatic reconfiguration system for the HV loop... supply and installation of 6 km of HV cable
  • Bordeaux hospital hepato-gastroenterology unit: SPIE Sud-Ouest is entrusted with electrical engineering design and installation work | SPIE

    All the high and low voltage work, including the installation of HV / LV distribution, fire safety, voice- data- image, central technical management and telephone systems, will be performed by our general electrical installation teams. The same services will also be provided in part of an existing building (Maison Haut Lévêque) which is to be renovated and linked to the new building
  • Energy - SPIE Ile-de-France supplies general electrical installations for an EDF power plant | SPIE

    supply and installation of two high-voltage distribution switchboards, five HV / LV transformers (2 500 kVA), busbar ducts, five main LV switchboards, and LV distribution switchboards. power cables for high and low voltages and for instrumentation and control
  • SPIE installs a new-generation high-voltage transformer substation for TIGF | SPIE

    As the representative of a group composed of SPIE Sud Est (installation of HV (HTB)* equipment), CG Power Systems (supplying the transformer and the HV equipment), MAS (civil engineering and roads and utilities (VRD)**) and ES TEKNOLOGICS (design agency specialised in HV and station control), SPIE Sud Ouest (control and command and station supervision system) was capable of meeting the specifications required by TIGF for this project: optimal integration into a rural environment (area designated as Natura 2000 nearby)
  • Brussels - SPIE Belgium equips the metro | SPIE

    laying of high and low voltage cables. The project includes equipment for new tunnels for loop line 2, forming the inner ring, and the adaptation of existing installations in the tunnels of lines 1 and 2... supply and installation of cable ladders in tunnel. supply and installation of lighting fixtures (in tunnel and stations