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  • Carbon accounting | SPIE

    As an environmentally responsible company, SPIE performed carbon accounting internally to evaluate the carbon dependency of its activities, identify the main sources of greenhouse gases, and undertake efforts to reduce these harmful emissions. Measuring greenhouse gas emissions. Carbon accounting aims to measure greenhouse gas emissions
  • Electric vehicles: SPIE shares its experience as a charging station installer | SPIE

    By supporting this exhibition's first edition, SPIE aims to showcase its experience in the reductions of greenhouse gases in the transport sector, one of the major sources of emissions in France... Strongly committed to reducing the environmental impact of its business activities, SPIE is taking steps to cut down on waste from its work sites and also to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions linked to all its business travel requirements
  • Global warming: SPIE works for a sustainable city | SPIE

    To reduce the harmful environmental impact of greenhouse gases and fight against climate change, it is essential to rethink urban development... Preservation of natural spaces, biodiversity, energy resources, fight against fine particles and greenhouse gases... The world faces many environmental challenges today
  • Green economy | SPIE

    The purpose of this policy is to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption at every level... This procedure evaluates the amount of direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions produced by their activities... The company has also performed internal, measuring the exact quantity of direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions produced by its activities
  • The SPIE dossiers | SPIE

    To reduce the harmful environmental impact of greenhouse gases and fight against climate change, it is essential to rethink urban development. Eco-Mobility, or clean transport, is an important aspect of sustainable development
  • Salon des Maires 2011: SPIE presents a structured services offering | SPIE

    Buildings are responsible for 23 % of greenhouse gas emissions, and therefore represent a priority sector for the redesign of management methods... This approach has been validated by the SERCE* Energy Efficiency label, and contributes to meeting the three objectives set by the European Union for 2020: a 20 % reduction in energy consumption, a 20 % reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and a 20 % increase of the portion of renewable energies used in final energy consumption
  • Optimising buiding's energy efficiency: SPIE showcases a new solution at the 2015 SIMI professional real estate exhibition | SPIE

    Addressing the building sector which is Europe's biggest energy consumer, accounting for nearly 40 % of total energy consumption and 36 % of greenhouse gas emissions, SPIE aims to share its vision of high energy performance with real estate professionals by mobilising its expertise and know-how on its stand
  • COP 21: SPIE reaffirms its commitment to the fight against global warming | SPIE

    Cergy, 8 October 2015 -Just a few months before the holding of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 21) in Paris, from November 30 to December 11 this year, SPIE has restated its commitment to the fight against greenhouse gas emissions... 40 % reduction in greenhouse gases, 27 % of European energy consumption from renewable sources by 2030: these are targets, set by the European Commission, which SPIE aims to support by proposing innovative solutions in its business fields (Smart city, e-fficient buildings, Energies, and Industry services)
  • SPIE presents its electric charging system offering at the 2012 Paris Motor Show | SPIE

    In taking a place on the Avere stand at the Paris Motor Show (Mondial de l'Automobile), SPIE aims to showcase its experience and commitment to helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the transport sector, which is one of the sectors with the highest emission levels in France. Leading European provider of energy and communications services for local authorities and businesses, the SPIE Group is setting an example in eco-mobility by using electric vehicles which will soon represent 10 % of its vehicle fleet and through its programme to deploy charging systems at its sites over France
  • SPIE: electric technology and clean car | SPIE

    In those days, it is necessary to reduce greenhouse gases emissions in order to make cities less polluted, more pleasant to live, but also to achieve the objectives of reduction of the energy consumption. To meet these needs and improve energy efficiency, the electric vehicle, as a clean car, plays an important role