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Fossil energies

  • Fossil energy production | SPIE

    With a presence in the world's main oil and gas regions (Africa, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Europe), notably through its subsidiary SPIE Oil & Gas Services, the Group supports operators with hydrocarbon exploration and operation .. SPIE relies on its wide range of expertise and local resources
  • Mayor's Trade Fair 2014 - SPIE'S SMART CITY - Giving new meaning to the city | SPIE

    SPIE's expertise at the service of a balanced, long-term energy mix[ Production, transport and distribution of renewable and fossil energies] and the development of Smart Grids. "Backed by its close-knit regional network, its professionalism, its specialists and the comprehensive approach of its multitechnical trades, SPIE makes an important contribution to attractive urban and regional development, "says Deputy CEO Alfredo Zarowsky
  • COP 21: SPIE reaffirms its commitment to the fight against global warming | SPIE

    In this context, the Group is supporting The Shift Project (TSP), a European think-tank supporting transition to an economy freed from its dependence on fossil energy sources. Constantly innovating