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Environmental standards

  • Introducing SPIE's 2008 "sustainable development oriented" annual report | SPIE

    The approach we 've adopted- based on the overall cost of document life cycles- has already enabled us to make savings of up to 50 % while better protecting the environment". (1) Environmental standards. ISO 14001 and EMAS
  • SPIE Ouest-Centre inaugurates its new centre at Saint-Jean-de-Braye | SPIE

    In addition to spotlighting its business activities and its new premises complying with the latest environmental standards, SPIE Ouest Centre will introduce its guests to new electric vehicle charging technologies and invite them to test drive electric vehicles manufactured by its partner, Renault
  • Commercial and residential buildings | SPIE

    Its activities range from rehabilitating old buildings to planning HQE ® (High-Quality Environmental standard) sustainable buildings. The Group treats all types of facilities to optimise the global performance of buildings, including high schools, administrative buildings, hospitals, social housing, museums, athletic centres and shopping malls
  • Green economy | SPIE

    Eco-neighbourhoods that use new technologies to meet environmental standards have also emerged. In housing, SPIE is developing smart buildings that offer even more technology to enhance energy efficiency and residents ' wellbeing
  • SPIE launches the first completely sustainable development compatible annual report | SPIE

    This ecological paper fully satisfies the eco- responsible requirements applicable to printing processes (forestry certifications, environmental standards, Eco-labels, product and chemical approvals) including the Imprim ' Vert label. This label gives three essential guarantees: proper management of hazardous waste, safety of hazardous product storage facilities, and the elimination of toxic products from workshops. e-communication is booming at SPIE
  • SPIE and Sénart en Essonne sign the first public-private partnership for sustainable development | SPIE

    Along with the new technological process, equipment complying with the latest environmental standards will be used (low-consumption, high-efficiency lamps). The number of electrical cabinets is being rationalised, reducing their number from 57 to 42. But this PPP takes the concept of sustainable development further