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Environmental challenges

  • SPIE sets up a new 400 kV line in Poland | SPIE

    18/03/2019. Press release. SPIE sets up a new 400 kV line in Poland. Gda sk, March 18 th, 2019- -The Polish grid operator, Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne S A (PSE S.A.) has commissioned SPIE to construct a 400 kV line in the northern regions of Pomorze and Kujawy .. The new power line will
  • Gauthier Louette appointed Chairman and CEO of SPIE | SPIE

    "Our Group is in an ideal position to meet the energy and environmental challenges facing its customers, including local authorities and businesses, in markets that are bound to grow out of the green economy". Press contacts
  • Global warming: SPIE works for a sustainable city | SPIE

    Preservation of natural spaces, biodiversity, energy resources, fight against fine particles and greenhouse gases... The world faces many environmental challenges today. Aware of these issues, SPIE innovates for the city of tomorrow and its people by developing intelligent technical solutions: electricity production systems based on renewable energies (solar panels, wind, biomass and hydroelectricity), innovative ecological buildings, efficient energy facilities
  • Values | SPIE

    As a leader in multi technical services, SPIE intends to pursue its development within Europe in the energy efficiency markets, which are poised to grow to meet current and future environmental challenges. Social and environmental responsibility
  • Green economy: a mobile app to test your knowledge | SPIE

    In 38 questions, the MyGreenSPIE quiz encourages web surfers to discover why and how SPIE imagines and implements solutions designed to meet the on going energy and environmental challenges facing local authorities and businesses and to optimise the use of natural resources. MyGreenSPIE also provides the opportunity to find out more about SPIE's business lines on the Group's YouTube channel, SPIEking2U, where visitors you can view 3D animated extracts from its online virtual world, MySPIE 2 0. The MyGreenSPIE mobile application is complementary to the comprehensive corporate approach we have developed over the last three years, covering our trilogy of annual and sustainable development reports for 2009, 2010 and 2011, brochures highlighting our values and CSR commitments, green e-learning on our intranet, and the special issue of our staff magazine spotlighting the green economy along with the first printed version of the MyGreenSPIE game
  • Green economy | SPIE

    SPIE has implemented a green economy policy that guides its approach to environmental challenges and climate risks. This encompassing policy applies to all aspects of the company: businesses, customers, as well as its own energy consumption
  • Green energy: SPIE included in the Carbon Clean 200 list | SPIE

    SPIE devises and implements long-term solutions for overcoming energy and environmental challenges. Through its activities, the Group is thus playing an active role in developing a green economy, which is centred on improving energy efficiency and promoting the use of renewable forms of energy
  • 2009 results | SPIE

    SPIE is therefore firmly committed to the green economy and is mobilising its innovation capabilities to meet its clients ' energy and environmental challenges over the long term. "Although the Copenhagen Summit failed to live up to all its promises, it established once and for all the urgent need for global action to develop an economy that recognises the scarcity of natural resources, especially energy, and which can cope with the challenges of climate change
  • 2008 results | SPIE

    The recurring nature of SPIE's business, its local approach and its strategic commitment to meet the long-term environmental and energy-related challenges faced by its customers mean that the Group can envision its future serenely in a world undergoing profound change... The energy-related and environmental challenges faced by our local and regional authority and corporate customers will therefore represent new opportunities to be seized in markets destined to grow in an economy that must redefine itself by at last taking into account the scarcity of resources
  • SPIE Develops Unique Engineering Solution for the Shell Centre; Protecting the River Thames Aquatic life | SPIE

    The main challenge was to invent a new engineering arrangement for the use of high volumes of river water for specialised vessels and river filtration arrangements whilst protecting the aquatic life in the River Thames, principally the eels, which are an internationally protected species... All solutions had to be inspected by the UK Environmental Agency, which confirmed its agreement to SPIE's distinctive solution