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Ensure safety

  • Site security | SPIE

    SPIE works with its customers to ensure the safety of their personnel, sites and installations, while meeting all relevant safety standards. The Group offers comprehensive solutions to meet a variety of specific needs: video protection, access control, fire prevention systems, etc
  • 2019 SPIE Safety Day: "Everyone has a role to play!" | SPIE

    Cergy, 23 July 2019 --On 17 June, SPIE, the independent European leader in multi technical services in the areas of energy and communications, held its 2019 Safety Day. Centred around the motto everyone has a role to play, all SPIE subsidiaries took part with the aim of reflecting on the role of every individual in ensuring the safety of all
  • Public lighting - 1 French person in 5 considers that their street lighting is inadequate | SPIE

    Public lighting is, for the vast majority of French people (90 %), a critical element that contributes to ensuring their safety. The Harris Interactive survey for SPIE shows, however, that 20 % of French people consider that their streets are poorly lit
  • SPIE presents its expertise in intelligent mobility at Intertraffic 2012 exhibition | SPIE

    ensure user safety 24/7. co- ordinate operation through intelligent aquipment control, build up data and know-how for infrastructue operation
  • Sustainable mobility | SPIE

    Ensuring traveller safety on roads (managing right-of-way at intersections, emergency call networks, etc. Improving traffic management
  • Values | SPIE

    In addition, SPIE works hard to ensure the physical safety of all those present on its worksites... SPIE is proud to manage the facilities and equipment of its customers, ensuring the continued performance of these facilities while complying with the highest standards in terms of safety, quality and environmental preservation
  • ArcelorMittal steelworks in Dunkirk: SPIE Ile-de-France Nord-Ouest completes refurbishment work on blast furnace No 2 | SPIE

    Staff at SPIE committed themselves to ensuring optimal safety throughout the 37 000 hours of work that the project entailed, and a zero accident rate was attained. ArcelorMittal has rewarded the SPIE staff with" the BF2 Safety Trophy 2015, zero accidents during test phase" for the company that currently holds the highest number of hours worked
  • 2016 "Safety Day" - SPIE publishes its first Group-wide "Health & Safety Code" | SPIE

    "Safety Day" and the unveiling of" the Health & Safety Code" saw the Group's other subsidiaries engage in similar initiatives, all with a view to ensuring employees each make these prevention requirements an integral part of their daily routines. "The first duty of a SPIE manager is to ensure that the employees they are responsible for go home in good health every evening, "adds Landry