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Energy savings

  • COP21 and energy savings: Europeans expect a pragmatic ecological approach | SPIE

    COP21 and energy savings... Making savings: the main motivational lever for energy efficiency measures. In all the respective countries, when participants are asked about which factors might encourage them to modify their behaviour in order to make savings, the most frequent answer is" their energy bills are too high" (from 85 % in the Netherlands to 93 % in Belgium)
  • City of Pau and Urban Community of Pau-Pyrénées buildings: SPIE Sud-Ouest targets 15% energy savings by 2019 | SPIE

    SPIE Sud Ouest targets 15 % energy savings by 2019... "With 5 % of energy savings in the first year, this contract once again demonstrates the way in which our know-how delivers fast, concrete, profitable results for local and regional authorities, "says Christophe Bonnenfant, Head of SPIE Sud-Ouest's Aquitaine Maintenance Department
  • Heating installations for Bordeaux nursery and primary schools: over 30% energy savings in four years | SPIE

    Heating installations for Bordeaux nursery and primary schools: over 30 % energy savings in four years. Toulouse, 10 December 2012 -SPIE Sud Ouest announced over 30 % energy savings for heating installations throughout 71 nursery and primary schools in Bordeaux since 2008... Bordeaux has the only school in South West France that is fitted with a gas heat pump (20 % energy savings)
  • Saving energy and cutting costs | SPIE

    Saving energy and cutting costs
  • EDF Energy Appoints SPIE UK to support work to improve public and private sector carbon footprint | SPIE

    London, 26 July 2013 -EDF Energy has appointed SPIE UK as a national engineering contractor to support the energy company in meeting growing customer demand for its energy saving services... Under a number of frameworks, EDF Energy bids for contracts to deliver guaranteed energy savings for local authorities, education providers, hospitals, leisure centres and other public and private sector bodies
  • Energy efficiency | SPIE

    Buildings represent a major opportunity in terms of energy savings... As a result of the real-time monitoring system set up by SPIE, initial data is already available to help maintenance teams manage buildings so as to meet specific energy savings goals (more than 50 % in final energy savings)... This system enables energy suppliers to produce certificates designed to generate energy savings for their customers
  • Annemasse, first local authority in Haute-Savoie to sign an energy performance service contract | SPIE

    As part of this project, information campaigns will be conducted to alert municipal employees to the importance of energy savings... "In order to comply with the energy saving commitments planned in the Grenelle environmental laws and the associated Agenda 21 requirements, our town decided to sign an energy performance contract with SPIE which would provide us with its skills in the operation of heating, air treatment and control installations which are becoming increasingly complex and technically sophisticated
  • SPIE Est signs an energy performance contract with the city of Belfort | SPIE

    Belfort, 15 June 2015 -SPIE Est announced that it has signed an energy performance contract with Belfort city council, for improvement work and maintenance on the city's HVAC installations aimed at achieving significant energy savings within a few years... It illustrates the new council's determination to speed up the implementation of energy savings and to help cut greenhouse gas emissions, "says Jean Marie Herzog, head of the city's urban planning and works department
  • SPIE receives European Energy Service Award 2015 | SPIE

    At the heart of the award winning energy saving concept is the replacement of conventional lamps with modern LED lamps at numerous Postbank facilities throughout Germany. Following in-depth analysis, an individual package of measures for all required lighting types was drawn up for each of the facilities
  • SPIE Energy Solutions awarded prize for efficient cooling technology | SPIE

    The energy saving project guaranteed the business savings of euros 1 1 million (net) by using waste heat to power an absorption cooling unit in the summer months, and heating during the winter. In addition to the seven figure OpEx savings, primary energy demand was significantly reduced