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Energy optimisation

  • Energy efficiency | SPIE

    Energy optimisation: a strong commitment. For more than a decade, SPIE has promoted energy optimisation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat global warming
  • Interclima+elec 2012: SPIE showcases its Energy Efficiency services offering | SPIE

    SPIE is providing two conferences at the Interclima exhibition to highlight its building energy optimisation solutions. Energy efficiency-related renovation of buildings: energy performance contracts for social housing
  • SPIE Ile-de-France Nord-Ouest starts work on an office building in Saint-Ouen near Paris | SPIE

    Based on efficient modern structures designed in accordance with the strictest construction and energy optimisation standards, this complex is being built in line with demanding environmental criteria in order to obtain HQE (high environmental quality) and BREEAM certifications. contact
  • SPIE Ouest-Centre chosen to cut energy consumption at 7 high schools in Pays de la Loire region, France | SPIE

    energy optimisation work (including the replacement of boilers, modifications to systems and the installation of control equipment and building management systems, etc.) to be carried out by EDF Optimal Solutions. fully guaranteed maintenance and operating services along with an equipment renewal programme (covering boilers, burners and pumps, etc.) performed by SPIE Ouest Centre
  • SPIE Facilities | SPIE

    Energy efficiency: optimisation of the carbon footprint, energy exchange, recovery and storage, cogeneration, renewable energies, energy optimisation of utilities. Facility management :upkeep, maintenance, user services, energy management, service management, organisation of the work environment, efficiency, etc
  • Heating installations for Bordeaux nursery and primary schools: over 30% energy savings in four years | SPIE

    The energy optimisation works performed throughout Bordeaux's schools met the City's objectives for 38 % energy savings throughout its municipal buildings by 2014 (-20 % for buildings, -15 % for installations, and- 3 % through changes in user behaviour). "We drew up a new sustainable development charter for the City in 2007. When the Grenelle Environment forum was held in 2008, we were well-positioned to meet the requirements of Agenda 21, with our new energy saving objectives", said Jean Jacques Chautant, Director of public buildings for the City of Bordeaux