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Electricity network

  • SPIE Working with Northern Ireland Electricity in Countrywide Network Renovation | SPIE

    SPIE Working with Northern Ireland Electricity in Countrywide Network Renovation... It owns and maintains the wires and utility meters for the entire country and its circa 1 200 employees work around the clock to plan, build, repair and develop Northern Ireland's electricity network
  • SPIE is selected by UK Power Networks to help deliver its latest investment in electricity infrastructure | SPIE

    SPIE is selected by UK Power Networks to help deliver its latest investment in electricity infrastructure... They are as committed as we are to improve the performance of our electricity network and have the added capability to provide the necessary resources we expect for storm cover
  • SPIE enters UK electrical transmission engineering services market with latest UK acquisition | SPIE

    London, UK- 2nd September 2013 -SPIE, the independent European leader in electrical and mechanical engineering and HVAC services, energy and communication systems, has today announced the acquisition of Electricity Network Solutions Ltd (ENS)... As one of the leading companies in this highly specialised field, ENS builds and refurbishes overhead electrical lines for the owners of distribution and transmission networks including Electricity North West, Northern Ireland Electricity, Scottish Power, UK Power Networks and Western Power Distribution
  • Energy transport | SPIE

    SPIE designs and optimises liquid, gas and electricity distribution networks for customers around the world under the best safety and quality conditions... For example, more than 300 SPIE employees worked to restore the region's electricity and telecommunications networks after winter storm Klaus tore through southwestern France in 2009
  • SPIE creates an E-Mobility division in Switzerland led by Peter Arnet | SPIE

    The E-Mobility division of SPIE Switzerland offers a full range of services covering the entire life cycle of electric charging infrastructure: analysis and planning of the sites, connection to the electricity network, development of technical concepts, and operation and maintenance consulting. Peter Arnet heads up the E-Mobility division of SPIE Switzerland
  • SPIE opens dedicated Overhead Line Engineering Training Centre in Cumbria | SPIE

    We are thrilled to welcome SPIE UK to the Newton Rigg campus as the venue for their new training centre, we look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship. There are many symbiotic features of the training at the linesman academy and that of our own land based students, in terms of practical skills for the linesman such as ATV and chainsaw use, whilst our land management students will gain a much better understanding of the electricity network supply lines that are a feature of the rural landscapes they will manage in the future
  • SPIE to recruit 3,000 employees in 2008 | SPIE

    "In-house training is provided at our Technology Institute and at the SPIE Training Centre, and is backed up by experience acquired from tutors in the field." *SERCE (Syndicat des entreprises de génie électrique et climatique) is a 250- strong association of electrical and climate engineering companies operating out of more than 1 200 locations in France and abroad, and specialising in work and services relating to industrial and commercial facilities, electricity networks and communication and IT systems
  • Sustainable Mobility: SPIE wins more contracts for electric vehicle recharging terminals | SPIE

    Its service offering covers all the steps, from defining requirements through to the commercial management of the terminals (definition of terminal installation points, installation and connection to the electricity network, supervision, maintenance, and commercial management)... The owner of the Vendée department's low and medium voltage electricity and gas networks, the SyDEV, the Departmental Energy and Infrastructure Union of the Vendee, has launched a far reaching department-wide electric recharging terminal installation programme for 2014. The lead company for a consortium with SYNTRONIC, SPIE Ouest Centre is responsible for the supply, installation and connection of the first 80 terminals for which 350 are planned for 2016. These first 80 terminals, ranging from a power of 3 6 kW / h (recharge in 8 hours) to 22 kW / h (recharge in 1 hour) will be installed in 43 municipalities