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Direct emissions

  • Carbon accounting | SPIE

    It evaluates direct emissions, produced by employee travel and facilities, as well as indirect consumption such as the energy needed to manufacture or ship products purchased by SPIE. A three-step method
  • Energy and climate change: An in-house conference proves a hit with the general public | SPIE

    As a stakeholder in the fields of energy, electrical and climate engineering, communication networks and energy efficiency, the Group is helping to ensure that the three objectives set by the European Union are achieved by 2020: reducing energy consumption by 20 %, cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 20 %, and increasing the share of renewables in total energy consumption to 20 %." Due to the very nature of its business which helps enhance the world around us and protect the environment, SPIE is in the front line when it comes to providing real solutions for energy efficiency or reducing carbon dioxide emissions, as well as promoting the development of renewable energies