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  • SPIE Awarded £750k contract for George's Dock Ventilation and Control Station Works | SPIE

    SPIE Awarded £ 750k contract for George's Dock Ventilation and Control Station Works. London UK, March 9th 2017 --SPIE UK has been awarded a £ 750K contract under the current 4-year framework for Merseytravel to upgrade the George's Dock Ventilation and Control Station in Liverpool... On-site, SPIE have the full turnkey responsibility to deliver the replacement of 7 HV VCBs (Vacuum Circuit Breakers) switchgear, HV, LV and associated control cables including those linking Scottish Power's and Merseytravel's HV switches
  • SPIE Est renovates Fessenheim lock monitoring and control system | SPIE

    SPIE Est renovates Fessenheim lock monitoring and control system. Illkirch, 12 November 2015 -SPIE has won the contract to renovate Fessenheim's lock monitoring and control system; that was first placed in service in 1956 on the Grand Canal d'Alsace located by the Rhine... Managed by the energy services department of SPIE Est's infrastructure division, the Fessenheim contract involves the replacing and monitoring of control boards, lock gate motors and sensors
  • SPIE "Safety Day" 2018 - Understand and control everyday risks | SPIE

    SPIE" Safety Day" 2018- Understand and control everyday risks... This day is more than just a reminder of the importance of safety at work, it is the opportunity for SPIE staff to identify, understand and control the risks in their everyday work, based on their own experience and know-how... Occupational accidents are in fact mainly caused by a lack of preparation or lack of control of the risks that may arise when executing a task
  • Jean-Philippe Riehl is appointed as SPIE risk control and internal audit manager | SPIE

    Jean Philippe Riehl is appointed as SPIE risk control and internal audit manager. Cergy, 2 February 2015 -SPIE has announced the appointment of Jean Philippe Riehl as SPIE Risk Control and Internal Audit Manager with effect as from January 12... A former secretary general of the AMRAE risk management and corporate insurance association, Jean Philippe Riehl was also a member of the working group of French financial markets regulator AMF (Autorité des Marchés Financiers) on the adaptation of its reference framework regarding internal control and risk management (2009 2010). He is a deputy delegate of the ESCP Europe alumni" economic intelligence and strategy" group
  • SPIE takes over Johnson Controls Technischer Service employees, further expanding its competency for multi-technical services | SPIE

    SPIE takes over Johnson Controls Technischer Service employees, further expanding its competency for multi technical services. Essen, August 7 th, 2014- Following unreserved approval by the German antitrust authorities, the multi-technical service provider SPIE GmbH, a fully-owned subsidiary of the European independent leader in multi technical services SPIE S A, has now successfully concluded the takeover of highly qualified employees from Johnson Controls Technischer Service
  • Bernard Rolland de Ravel appointed SPIE Director of Management Control | SPIE

    Cergy, 21 January 2015 -SPIE announced the appointment of Bernard Rolland de Ravel as SPIE Director of Management Control... As SPIE's director management control, Bernard Rolland de Ravel has become a member of the Group administrative and financial management committee
  • Audrey Barbaras appointed Director of Credit Management for SPIE's France segment* | SPIE

    The holder of a master's degree and a postgraduate diploma in business administration, Audrey Barbaras joined the SPIE group in 1996. After serving as a management controller (Lorraine Champagne Ardennes Regional Division, Uckange) and as Head of Management Control (HVAC Division, Cergy), she then occupied the post of Administrative and Financial Manager at the Pays-de-la-Loire Regional Division (Nantes) until 2007. Her most recent role was at SPIE Ouest Centre, where she was Head of Financial Control
  • Bordeaux light transit system: Bordeaux urban authority awards a new contract to SPIE | SPIE

    This project includes the design, engineering, development, installation and maintenance of points and traffic light control systems. Control boxes, which are to be installed on board new trams supplied by Alstom, will allow the remote control of traffic light changes and the detection of the arrival of trams at traffic light controlled junctions so as to give them priority over other vehicles and manage rail signalling systems
  • Jérôme Vanhove appointed Strategy, Development and M&A Director of the SPIE group | SPIE

    In 2001 he moved to Valeo Group's Mergers & Acquisitions department, and was subsequently appointed International Development Director for the Climate Control branch (2005 2007). Mr Vanhove joined SPIE in 2007 as Merger & Acquisitions Director
  • Antoine Allimant appointed Chief Financial Officer of SPIE Sud-Est | SPIE

    He joined the Group in September 2014 as the Head of Management Control for SPIE Sud Est. In his new role, Antoine Allimant now reports to the Managing Director of SPIE Sud Est, Pascal Poncet, and becomes a member of the subsidiary's Executive Committee