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Communications and information systems

  • Communications and information systems | SPIE

    Unified communications systems and information sharing are two essential tools for upgrading organisations... To help its customers improve performance, SPIE provides companies with information and communications systems that are efficient, flexible and tailored to the service and security challenges of their business sectors
  • SPIE joins the Smart Buildings Alliance for Smart Cities - The future of smart buildings in comprehensive solutions | SPIE

    Smart buildings reflect SPIE's aim to merge its traditional trades (electrical, climate and energy engineering) with the VoIP communication and information system technologies in order to meet the challenges of energy efficiency and, especially, regarding the use of buildings by their occupants... The objective is to make these systems more efficient, to expand their range of uses and to make them smarter and more reliable by integrating them into information systems, says Sébastien Meunier, head of the Régions Centre- Haute et Basse Normandie office of SPIE Communications and treasurer of SBA
  • The city of Berne entrusts the security of its Internet network to SPIE ICS and United Security Providers | SPIE

    Anton Berni, Head of Communications and Information Systems for the city of Berne, expressed his satisfaction with the new security solution. We are convinced of the quality of the USP SES and will, in the future, continue to extend its scope of use