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Commercial sector

  • Commercial sector - SPIE Ile-de-France Nord-Ouest helps refurbish OECD headquarters | SPIE

    Commercial sector- SPIE Ile de France Nord Ouest helps refurbish OECD headquarters... This work is being carried out by the major projects section of SPIE Ile de France Nord Ouest commercial sector electrical engineering department
  • Commercial sector electrical engineering - The City of Paris awards a contract to SPIE Ile-de-France Nord-Ouest | SPIE

    Commercial sector electrical engineering- The City of Paris awards a contract to SPIE Ile de France Nord Ouest... The work, which will be performed by the commercial sector electrical engineering department, includes the following
  • Le Belvédère: an important commercial sector electrical contracting order for SPIE Ile-de-France Nord-Ouest | SPIE

    ICADE, a major player in the property market in France, has awarded a contract for the replacement of the fire safety system installations at Le Belvédère residence in Paris to SPIE Ile de France Nord-Ouest's Commercial Sector Electrical Contracting department. The building comprises private apartments on 30 levels and will remain occupied while the work is carried out
  • Emmanuel Martin is appointed CEO of SPIE Sud-Est | SPIE

    Prior to joining SPIE, 43- year-old Emmanuel Martin, who graduated from the SUPELEC school of electrical engineering in France in 1992, spent his entire career at Cegelec (which merged with Vinci Energies in 2010). He was successively a contract manager at the company's Lyon regional department, head of the industrial and commercial sector business centre in Dijon and, then, head of the commercial sector and telecommunications infrastructure department in Vitry-sur-Seine
  • Two SPIE Ile-de-France Nord-Ouest departments helps fit out Barclays Capital head office in Paris | SPIE

    The commercial sector electrical contracting department and the HVAC department have been asked by contractor ISG Europe to fit out the office areas... This contract, which is worth 1 12 million for the HVAC department (DET) and 1 24 million for commercial sector electrical contracting department (DGK), is to be completed by the end of 2010
  • SPIE Sud-Est acquires Lions and BGR to strengthen its position in the HVAC trade in Provence | SPIE

    Located in Sorgues (Vaucluse) and Marseille (Bouches-du-Rhône), respectively, these two companies employ 39 people and achieve sales worth 7 5 million a year to a wide range of customers, including healthcare establishments, local authorities, industry and the commercial sector. With its acquisition of BGR and LIONS, SPIE Sud Est is reinforcing its presence Bouches-du-Rhône and completing its geographic network in Vaucluse, says Jean Balsollier, HVAC operational director at SPIE Sud Est. Press contacts
  • SERCE and OPPBTP safety awards 2011- SPIE Est wins First Prize for Safety | SPIE

    SPIE Sud Ouest received the incentive award in the Jury's Special Prize section for the construction of a cable drum carrying cart reducing exposure to the risks of manual handling on industrial and commercial sector sites... Networks, industry, commercial sector (200 000 to 500 000 hours... Networks, industry, commercial sector (more than 500 000 hours
  • Complete electric switchboard solutions | SPIE

    With more than 35 years of experience in manufacturing electric switchboards, SPIE Portugal provides complete, tailored solutions in switchboards and associated services, adapted to meet the needs of the industrial, commercial, transport, energy, environment and HVAC sectors... Electric switchboards, general switchboards, divisional and local switchboards for the commercial sector and housing
  • SPIE Est installs solar panels in Erstein | SPIE

    The Alsace commercial sector office of SPIE Est is taking complete charge of the installation of 225 sq. m. of integrated solar collectors on the structural steelwork of a storage hall operated by Eschlimann* in Haut-Rhin, France. The installation, connected to the ES power grid (EDF), will generate 28 kWc. This 177 000 contract is for the design, engineering and installation of a photovoltaic solar generator and includes
  • Philippe Girault appointed CEO of SPIE Île-de-France Nord-Ouest | SPIE

    He joined the SPIE Group in 2000, as Office Manager in Laval within SPIE Ouest Centre, where he was appointed Director of Development and Strategy in 2004. He then joined SPIE Île de France Nord Ouest where he was successively, between 2008 and 2013, Director of Electrical Engineering in the commercial sector then Deputy Chief Executive Officer