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Climatic engineering

  • Employment | SPIE

    SPIE is the leading independent service provider of electrical, mechanical and climatic engineering, energy and communications systems in Europe
  • Commercial and residential buildings | SPIE

    With expertise in climatic and energy engineering, SPIE renovates commercial and residential buildings... Its expertise includes all aspects of climatic and energy engineering: electrical, sanitary and mechanical installations; energy management; access management; automated fire detection; etc... For everything from day spas and community centres to laboratories, SPIE uses its skills in electric supply, dynamic signs and climatic engineering to renovate commercial buildings
  • Energy efficiency | SPIE

    Thanks to the Group's expertise in mechanical and climatic engineering, this housing complex's 173 units annually consume less than 50 kWh / m 2 of primary energy, thus meeting the requirements for BBC-Effinergie ® certification. From diagnostic to energy management
  • Low-carbon energy production | SPIE

    SPIE supports nuclear operators with advanced solutions in electro-mechanics and climatic engineering throughout a plant's lifecycle, from construction to maintenance to decommissioning. SPIE also participates in innovative projects, such as the Flamanville 3 rd generation European Pressurised Reactor (EPR), where EDF contracted SPIE for all general electrical installations