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Climate change

  • Energy and climate change: An in-house conference proves a hit with the general public | SPIE

    Energy and climate change... "This conference webcast, which has been nominated for the 2008 European Excellence Award, enables individual viewers to get a grasp of the challenges involved in climate change, which is a prerequisite for mobilising strong public opinion
  • SPIE's George Adams Appointed to Lead Construction Industry in Green Agenda | SPIE

    London, 19 November 2014 -George Adams, UK Engineering Director of SPIE, the independent European leader in electrical and mechanical engineering and HVAC services, energy and communication systems has been appointed Chair of the CIC (Construction Industry Council) Green Construction Panel, a position which will see him actively involved in the London Climate Change Partnership
  • Global warming: SPIE works for a sustainable city | SPIE

    To reduce the harmful environmental impact of greenhouse gases and fight against climate change, it is essential to rethink urban development... According to the Insee institute (2014), the French people's two main concerns, from an environmental point of view, are climate change and air pollution
  • The SPIE dossiers | SPIE

    To reduce the harmful environmental impact of greenhouse gases and fight against climate change, it is essential to rethink urban development. Eco-Mobility, or clean transport, is an important aspect of sustainable development
  • COP 21: SPIE reaffirms its commitment to the fight against global warming | SPIE

    Cergy, 8 October 2015 -Just a few months before the holding of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 21) in Paris, from November 30 to December 11 this year, SPIE has restated its commitment to the fight against greenhouse gas emissions... While the diagnosis of climate change and its anthropogenic nature appear to be unanimously accepted, the implementation of solutions calls for convergent action by several types of players, such as businesses, NGOs and countries
  • Carbon accounting | SPIE

    The process involves quantifying a company's fossil fuel use, since these agents emit the gases that play a fundamental role in climate change. It evaluates direct emissions, produced by employee travel and facilities, as well as indirect consumption such as the energy needed to manufacture or ship products purchased by SPIE
  • SPIE UK Engineering Director George Adams Appointed President of CIBSE | SPIE

    George Adams, explains, "Through our Green Economy initiative, SPIE shares many of the same aims and objectives as CIBSE in relation to climate change, energy efficiency and the move towards a more integrated and sustainable industry. It is essential that practicing engineering organisations should contribute to the improvement of their industry and being part of professional institutions is an efficient way of doing that
  • 2009 results | SPIE

    "Although the Copenhagen Summit failed to live up to all its promises, it established once and for all the urgent need for global action to develop an economy that recognises the scarcity of natural resources, especially energy, and which can cope with the challenges of climate change. SPIE engineers and technicians are particularly well placed to help our clients optimise their use of energy and raw materials, in preparation for the transition to a low carbon economy, "said Gauthier Louette, CEO of the SPIE Group
  • Green economy: a mobile app to test your knowledge | SPIE

    Available free of charge in five languages on App Store, Android market and BlackBerry World platforms as well as on Facebook, this mobile app is an entertaining game which heightens awareness of the green economy, i.e. an economy making proper allowance for the scarcity of natural resources and the stakes of climate change
  • SPIE's communication earns distinction at the 26th Communication and Enterprise Grand Prize Awards | SPIE

    Available for free in five languages, MyGreenSPIE is an entertaining tool for raising awareness about the green economy in other words, an economy that takes into account pressure on natural resources and questions surrounding climate change. MyGreenSPIE also offers an introduction to SPIE's business lines via the Group's YouTube channel, SPIEking2U, where users can view 3D animations taken from its virtual online world, MySPIE 2 0. 2012 is a year that marks the SPIE group's long-term commitment to developing responsible communication in the service of its strategic objectives, said Pascal Omnès, the Group's communications director