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City Networks system

  • Public amenities | SPIE

    Building on these efforts, SPIE also offers smart lighting systems, such as the City Networks system. With this system, cities can adjust public lighting according to a number of factors, including weather or local events that require more lighting
  • SPIE introduces City Networks - Street lighting adapts in real time to the needs of built-up areas | SPIE

    With centralised remote management via communicating ballasts, the SPIE Group's City Networks system allows a single person to control remotely every single light source in a built-up area. Numerous benefits come from matching intensity of the lighting to life in the districts, optimising the operation times and monitoring energy consumption in real time
  • Green economy | SPIE

    Solutions for high-performance public lighting, such as the City Networks system, now provide real-time remote management for thousands of lights. Eco-neighbourhoods that use new technologies to meet environmental standards have also emerged
  • COP 21: SPIE reaffirms its commitment to the fight against global warming | SPIE

    In this context, SPIE has, for a number of years, been rolling out smart lighting systems, like the City Networks system which allows urban lighting to be adapted to take various factors into account, such as sunlight, number of people or holding of special events requiring more lighting. Constantly changing professional disciplines