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Carbon footprint

  • EDF Energy Appoints SPIE UK to support work to improve public and private sector carbon footprint | SPIE

    EDF Energy Appoints SPIE UK to support work to improve public and private sector carbon footprint
  • Carbon accounting | SPIE

    Having performed its carbon accounting, SPIE uses the results to develop and deploy a series of efforts aiming to reduce its carbon footprint. On the individual level, SPIE has set up systems so its employees can recycle wastes, save energy and optimise travel
  • SPIE Develops Unique Engineering Solution for the Shell Centre; Protecting the River Thames Aquatic life | SPIE

    The firm devised a pioneering river filtration engineering solution within Shell's below ground areas helping to lower the building's carbon footprint, whilst looking after protected river species... As Principal Contractor and designer, SPIE's solution significantly lowered client costs, reduced the buildings carbon footprint, safeguarded the programme and secured a major eco-friendly solution for Shell's corporate operations
  • Global warming: SPIE works for a sustainable city | SPIE

    Whether at European or world level, the reports of carbon footprint are indeed inciting us to change our habits: according to the French department of ecology, CO 2 emissions have increased by 80 % since 1970 and 30 % since 1990 to the equivalent of 49 Gt of CO 2 in 2010. In the transportation industry, more than 90 % of the CO 2 emissions are produced by cars, which also emit particles
  • La Défense: new contract for SPIE Ile-de-France Nord-Ouest | SPIE

    "In addition to fully reconditioning the equipment, we have offered to modernise the air treatment modules rather than replacing them, which will reduce the operation's carbon footprint, "explains Xavier de Noblens, a project manager at SPIE Ile de France Nord Ouest." The unique features of this technical solution and our ability to overcome restrictions such as night and weekend work were decisive factors in winning this contract
  • Welcome to MySPIE world! | SPIE

    You're looking for a dream destination but you're worried about the carbon footprint you'll leave with a long flight or car journey. You don't yet know SPIE yourself or you 'd like to give yourself the chance to explore it in an innovative, simple, user-friendly way... No need to call your local travel agent or set out on your journey loaded with literature about SPIE: you can travel light by visiting
  • SPIE UK goes underground with BT tunnels | SPIE

    Enhancements to the underground channels, which carry cabling forming the base of BT's central communications infrastructure, will save BT approximately £ 1.5m and remove 3500 tonnes of CO 2 from its carbon footprint. SPIE, the independent European leader in multi technical services in the areas of energy and communications, was commissioned to work on two projects
  • "Smart City" and "e-nitiative Buildings" from SPIE - Giving new meaning to the city and buildings | SPIE

    reducing carbon footprints by using new energy sources... The aim of smart grids is to monitor, model and supervise power consumption and to smooth peaks so as to achieve a balance in real time between supply and demand, while also reducing carbon footprints
  • "SMART CITY" and "e-NITIATIVE BUILDINGS" by SPIE Giving a new meaning to cities and buildings | SPIE

    reduce the carbon footprint through use of new energies... The aim of smart grids is to monitor, model, manage and streamline points of consumption in order to achieve a balance in real time between electricity supply and demand, whilst reducing the carbon footprint
  • EDF and SPIE join forces to promote energy efficiency among their customers | SPIE

    The attractive prospect of cutting their energy costs and improving their carbon footprint, while maintaining the comfort, productivity and lifetime of their equipment, will further boost the confidence of SPIE's customers. Through this partnership, EDF, a top low-carbon energy supplier, is acting as a driving force to promote and implement effective, efficient solutions as it partners SPIE along the road to energy efficiency