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Broadband networks

  • Communications | SPIE

    Installing broadband networks. SPIE supports the installation of broadband and high-speed broadband networks- an essential challenge in connecting rural areas... In addition SPIE installed a high-speed broadband network in Laval (France) for France Télécom
  • 2012 local authorities exhibition: SPIE unveils the "smart town" | SPIE

    Spotlighting the Group's solutions in the three key fields of transport, energy efficient buildings and broadband networks for, all SPIE presence at the exhibition will be punctuated by three main events. Presentation of a trophy for getting lighting right to optimise spending to councillors from 12 local authorities that chose the SPIE Group to take charge of the sustainable management of their street lighting (Tuesday
  • Street lighting and video security systems - SPIE secures two new public-private partnerships | SPIE

    With this network, Val-de-Reuil will be able to switch to all-digital technology, migrating from its analogue cable television network to a digital terrestrial television network, connecting video surveillance cameras and street lighting cabinets (remote management) and setting up a high-speed broadband network (FTTH)
  • 2010 results | SPIE

    With consolidated turnover up 0 7 % year-on-year to 3 75 billion, annual business volume stabilised, underpinned by a balanced customer portfolio and good anticipation of sector trends, with growth in the healthcare and social housing sectors, sustained mobility in cities, demand for energy efficiency in services and manufacturing, the solar photovoltaic boom and the roll-out of broadband networks being just a few examples
  • SPIE launches a new generation of books | SPIE

    From the industrial age of iron and steam, to the development of electricity and on to the era of broadband networks, Jean Monville paints the portraits of the businessmen and businesses that lay at the Group's origins in the 19th century and those that steered its subsequent development. He describes the political and economic events that affected its evolution, the key phases of its development and its achievements along the way