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Video systems

  • Performance improvement solutions | SPIE

    It also has expertise in mechanics, automated systems, video protection and communications systems. In addition, the Group's local presence enables it to offer responsive communications and to guarantee project deadlines
  • SPIE signs an agreement to acquire OSMO in Germany | SPIE

    OSMO is well positioned in Germany for the complete technical equipment of tunnel systems and traffic control centers (e.g. electrical and fire detection systems, video surveillance and tunnel radio communication systems, ventilation, lighting and water systems as well as automated process control technology)
  • The University of Bordeaux chooses SPIE to manage the upgrade of all its telephony systems | SPIE

    In this vein, SPIE ICS is also devoting a specific part of the contract to user support by offering tailored services (videos, tutorials, training), an assistance service and regular internal communications. SPIE ICS was able to offer an action plan that perfectly integrated the constraints arising from the range of existing systems and our specific university context, comments Frédéric Pomies, Director of Information Systems at the University of Bordeaux
  • The Nord department entrusts SPIE with the task of maintaining computer equipment at 202 high schools | SPIE

    This success follows on from a previous service provided by SPIE ICS teams between 2011 and 2014, which concerned network infrastructures and the deployment of interactive educational materials (digital classrooms,* video projectors and whiteboards, etc.). This gave SPIE ICS a significant advantage, managing the educational environment in the Nord department and in particular further developping its expertise with regard to the Kwartz operating system on Linux, which is the sole operating system in use across the department
  • Château de Fontainebleau: SPIE completes the upgrade of the security and emergency lighting system | SPIE

    SPIE completes the upgrade of the security and emergency lighting system... The focus of the urgent works that are being carried out as part of this programme is on upgrading the security and emergency lighting system, a job awarded to SPIE following a public tender process... The security installations were entirely revamped with the aim of putting in place an intelligent surveillance system
  • SPIE is supporting the city of Courbevoie in the deployment of its optical fibre and WiFi network | SPIE

    For over two years, in parallel with deployment of the optical fibre network, SPIE ICS, SPIE CityNetworks and Prunevieille have also been responsible for urban video protection in Courbevoie: infrastructure work, fitting and connecting cameras, configuration and system maintenance. The city currently has nine internal cameras and 81 external cameras, so will soon have around 100 in all
  • Commercial property: SPIE takes part in the extension and renovation of the Guynemer site (Issy-les-Moulineaux) | SPIE

    Spie Batignolles will be responsible for the premises ' low current electrical installations (security, access control, video surveillance and fire safety system) and for 35 % of the high current work, resulting in a 50 % share of business volume for each group. Around fifty members of staff will be deployed on the site, half of whom will be from SPIE Ile de France Nord Ouest