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Transport systems

  • Sustainable mobility | SPIE

    To meet this challenge, SPIE has developed innovative information systems designed to manage and optimise transport... Communicating information in real time to operators, drivers and travellers (Intelligent Transport Systems, etc.)
  • Faster and safer from Zeeland to Flanders | SPIE

    Opening Tractaatweg- last link in renewed transport axis... On behalf of Boskalis, which turned it into a robust dual carriageway, SPIE installed the traffic control installations, congestion detection systems and public LED lighting. The congestion detection system, which notifies the traffic control centre so they can set up a diversion route, is connected to the traffic information systems in the Western Scheldt Tunnel
  • SPIE takes part in development of the service sector hub for the Viotte eco-district in Besançon | SPIE

    It's a flagship project in the Bourgogne Franche Comté region, aimed at developing a real railway station neighbourhood at Besançon, combining the main urban functions for housing accommodation, work and transport... the HVAC installations, including a 500 KW wood-fired boiler, two 700 KW gas boilers, 5 dual flow thermodynamic air handling units, high current electrical installations, including 4 high voltage substations, 3 high and low voltage 800 KVA transformers, lighting with around 3 500 light sources, low current electrical installations, including the fire safety system and automatic sprinkler system, the VDI network (Voice, Data, Images), a combined videophone and intercom- based access control system
  • Breakthrough: SPIE uses a drone for high-voltage power lines - Flora and fauna protected around pylons | SPIE

    The test was carried out in Geertruidenberg (in the South of the Netherlands) under the watchful eyes of TenneT, drone provider AceCore, and the Environment and Transport Inspection (the regulatory agency of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management)... Of course, there are still improvements to be made in the system, for example to loosen and hold the cable, and in the communication between colleagues who need to give other instructions
  • SPIE sets up a new 400 kV line in Poland. | SPIE

    For moment, power is only transported via a 220 kV line... The scheme is being executed by a consortium of distribution systems operators under the leadership of SPIE... SPIE works in close collaboration with local distribution systems operators to ensure the power supply during the enterprise
  • SPIE looks to conquer new markets in Île de France Nord-Ouest | SPIE

    We are in a position to roll out the most high-performance systems: appropriate management of energy consumption, remote control of heating and lighting, access security and videophones, etc... In particular, in the coming years the Grand Paris Express project will require real expertise in the areas of transport and design of tunnel equipments (high-voltage installations, lighting, emergency and surveillance equipments, railway signals, etc.)
  • SPIE Industrie & Tertiaire - Tertiaire division | SPIE

    Energy transport and distribution... Implementation of global security and safety systems... SN HENRI CONRAUX (acquired in 2012) designs, manufactures and maintains heating, sanitary plumbing, ventilation and climate engineering systems, in both service sector environments and for industrialists within the region