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Training programmes

  • Performance improvement solutions | SPIE

    SPIE provides its customers with qualified personnel by offering comprehensive training programmes in technical skills, theoretical knowledge and the safety of personnel and installations. These strengths enable the Group to develop innovative solutions that integrate the most effective new technology
  • Employment | SPIE

    Tailored training programmes to accelerate and expand their career. A wide variety of advancement opportunities made possible by an active mobility policy, both in terms of location and responsibilities
  • Belgium: SPIE Belgium certified as a 'Top Employer' for the tenth time | SPIE

    SPIE Belgium's HR policy is distinguished not only for its talent fostering strategies, workforce planning or performance and career management, but also for its excellent integration capacity and its targeted training programmes. In 2016, the Human Resources department enjoyed major successes in this area
  • Start of training at SPIE with 208 career starters | SPIE

    We offer employees individual support, using both our extensive internal training programme and external offers, says training coordinator Jennifer Kluge. Various different awards show that the employer's offers are rated positively by independent parties, too
  • Over 300 apprentices and dual students launch their careers at SPIE | SPIE

    This ranges from training in digital technologies through seminars in project management to on-the-job promotion and study programmes", says Stefan Deibel, Head of Development and SPIE Academy at SPIE Deutschland & Zentraleuropa. In 2018 alone, approximately 7 500 participants took part in courses organised by SPIE Academy
  • SPIE experiments with an innovative programme to recruit its technicians | SPIE

    To ensure that it could continue to offer the best possible quality of service to its clients, the SPIE France subsidiary launched, in early 2019, an innovative trial programme combining Operational Preparation for Employment (OPE) and a professional training contract... A customised programme jointly developed with a training body
  • "Digital reverse mentoring": a brand-new programme to support SPIE's digital transformation | SPIE

    "Digital reverse mentoring" :a brand-new programme to support SPIE's digital transformation... Cergy, July 5th 2018 --SPIE, the independent European leader in multi technical services in the areas of energy and communications, has just completed the first run of its digital reverse mentoring programme
  • SPIE working with Bruxelles Formation and Interface3 to bring more female electricians on board | SPIE

    ast month, twelve women started an industrial electrician training course in Brussels... In order to receive this free training, women seeking to pursue a career in the electricity sector need to fulfil a number of criteria: they must be aged under 30 and seeking work, and wherever possible have finished their higher studies
  • SPIE focuses on apprenticeships to recruit its talents of tomorrow | SPIE

    Experienced tutors are selected to provide them with guidance, training and support throughout their work / study programme, as Camille Delaunay, a young apprentice business manager at the French subsidiary SPIE Industrie & Tertiaire, stresses. I am very well supported
  • Belgium: SPIE helps for carrying offshore wind energy onto land | SPIE

    Van Maerlant at Damme and Gezelle at Dudzele, within the framework of Elia's Stevin programme, which is aimed notably at piping energy produced by offshore wind farms inland... Our staff members continually undergo training to further improve their safety skills and safety is deeply embedded in SPIE Belgium's DNA