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Telecommunication networks

  • SPIE Switzerland | SPIE

    In the Riviera Vaudoise and Lower Valais regions, VISCOM SYSTEM SA and VISTA CONCEPT SA provide a variety of private and public customers with services in the fields of electricity, security, telecommunications, IT networks, home automation and multimedia. Recognised specialists in voice, data and image integration for smart buildings, they equip high-class housing projects and hotels, administrative buildings (including schools and leisure and cultural centres) and commercial-sector premises (such as head offices and healthcare establishments)
  • Very High-Speed Network: SPIE, leader in setting up the 100% fibre optic network in Alsace | SPIE

    Since May 2017, SPIE CityNetworks has been taking part in deployment of the FTTH* ROSACE network in Alsace through the involvement of its expert teams in telecommunications and overhead and underground infrastructures. Our structure at SPIE CityNetworks is particularly well-suited to this type of project, says Sébastien Rivière, Operations Director, Télécom Est. Indeed, these projects are greatly facilitated by our subsidiary's combined skills in the key areas of telecoms and external works, together with our extensive knowledge of local constraints