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Telecom networks

  • Communications | SPIE

    Setting up telecom networks... In addition SPIE installed a high-speed broadband network in Laval (France) for France Télécom
  • Improving quality of life | SPIE

    To meet these needs, SPIE comes to the aid of communities and companies alike by developing, installing, operating and maintaining their telecom networks. The Group uses its vast knowledge in outdoor networks and public lighting to supply a variety of public amenities, helping to build cleaner, brighter and safer cities
  • SPIE acquires Alewijnse Retail in the Netherlands and consolidates its position in the Dutch retail installation market | SPIE

    This range of services goes beyond electrotechnical and mechanical installations, since telecom and network management are also part of our spectrum. With our vision of the building of the future, we can play an active role in helping our customers achieve their sustainability ambitions