Support its customers

  • SPIE is developing a comprehensive approach to support its customers in their energy performance | SPIE

    SPIE is developing a comprehensive approach to support its customers in their energy performance. SPIE is developing a comprehensive approach to support its customers in their energy performance... The creation of" its Energy Efficiency" division enables its teams to distinguish themselves through their expertise and their ability to devise comprehensive solutions to support their customers
  • SPIE Efficient Facilities GmbH - the new name for the German technical facility management subsidiary - expresses the focus as a partner for a climate-neutral and digital future | SPIE

    We support our customers with smart solutions and innovative services as they focus their efforts on efficiency, sustainability and compliance with CSR requirements", says Rainer Hollang, Member of the exécutive committee of SPIE Deutschland & Zentraleuropa and Managing Director of SPIE Efficient Facilities GmbH. Contact persons and structures are not affected by the change of name
  • A relevant and effective strategy | SPIE

    With its leading expertise and references, the Group supports its customers to help them benefit from this acceleration... SPIE supports customers with a wide range of profiles in four major markets... Since it was founded 120 years ago, SPIE has been able to reinvent itself and identify effective ways of supporting its customers while ensuring sustainable development
  • SPIE ICS, first digital services company to receive the "Responsible Digital" label | SPIE

    We are already applying these principles to our own practices and we are able to support our customers as part of a more ethical and environmentally friendly approach to digital technology", explains Xavier Daubignard, Managing Director of SPIE ICS... SPIE ICS is committed to Green IT, as demonstrated by the Planet Tech'Care manifesto it signed last spring, and there are three main pillars in which it can support its customers to promote the sensible use of digital technology
  • Oil & Gas: a sector in transition | SPIE

    In this context, SPIE Oil & Gas Services is reinventing itself to offer new services and position itself as a trusted partner in supporting its customers to move towards a more responsible industry and in transitioning to renewable energy sources... "Our objective is to support our customers in preparing the energy of the future, bringing our skills from" the old" world to the new world, "says Christophe Bernhart
  • Subsidiaries | SPIE

    Responsible and autonomous in operational terms, our subsidiaries are dedicated to supporting each of our customers throughout the value chain, while developing long-term relationships based on trust. To do so, they benefit from three major assets
  • SPIE Nederland | SPIE

    SPIE Nederland supports its customers in the Group's four strategic markets. Smart city
  • Cultivating your expertise and your innovative power for our customers | SPIE

    SPIE supports its customers in an enormous range of business areas with a variety of services often including a great deal of technical complexity. Our strength lies in being able to provide our customers with the perfect level of expertise
  • Managed services and cloud computing | SPIE

    SPIE supports its customers at every stage of their IT transformation, from auditing to the master plan, migration phase and IT management. Consultancy and engineering: auditing, recommendations and testing (proof of concept)
  • Modernisation | SPIE

    By supporting customers in their modernisation, SPIE contributes to the evolution in equipment and meeting industries ' needs. Brochures