Solar power

  • SPIE helps create Alsace's largest solar power station | SPIE

    SPIE helps create Alsace's largest solar power station. SPIE helps create Alsace's largest solar power station... Cergy, 8 March 2022 -The Industrie division of SPIE Industrie & Tertiaire, a French subsidiary of the SPIE group, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, has helped create the largest solar power station in Alsace for Krannich Solar
  • Solar | SPIE

    A clean source of energy generated from the conversion of sunlight into electricity, solar power is an accessible option for customers looking to directly decrease their carbon footprint. SPIE works on solar projects of all sizes, from solar wind farms to rooftop solar panel installations on industrial buildings
  • Netherlands : SPIE in charge of the 'Charging on Sun' programme | SPIE

    Thanks to its integrated artificial intelligence, the energy management system is able, for example, to monitor the production of solar power and, based on that, controls the timing of electric car charging. "By comparing the energy demand of the electric fleet, and the solar energy production from the buildings of Rijkswaterstaat, the power is fed directly into the vehicles
  • SPIE Nederland | SPIE

    Transmission networks (substations, HV lines), medium-voltage facilities, distribution networks, busbar systems, wind farms, solar power farms. Thanks to the recent acquisition of Worksphere, a Dutch specialist in smart and sustainable building services, SPIE becomes the largest multi-technical services provider in the Netherlands
  • "Sustainable mobility": See You Sun and SPIE innovate with a solution combining solar energy and electric mobility | SPIE

    The system now offered through an unprecedented partnership between SPIE CityNetworks and the start-up, See You Sun, combines solar power with electric charging stations. The principle behind it is to use parking areas to install canopies (parking structures that provide shade) fitted with solar panels and able to cover 10 to 40 parking spaces
  • SPIE develops the largest solar plant in Hungary | SPIE

    During the trial operation the solar power plant provided electricity to the opencast mine of the energy provider Mátrai in Bükkábrány, about 150 kilometres east of Budapest, resulting in considerable cost savings... The photovoltaic power plant, in which about 16 million euros have been invested and which has been installed on behalf of the Hungarian energy provider Mátrai Er m Zrt, consists of 64 000 polycrystalline solar modules with a nominal output of 355 watts each
  • Committed to the energy transition | SPIE

    For example, SPIE has won an innovation prize for connecting a new solar power plant to a gas-fired power plant using high-power busbar systems instead of increasing the grid. That saved millions of euros