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Set a network

  • Very High-Speed Network: SPIE, leader in setting up the 100% fibre optic network in Alsace | SPIE

    SPIE, leader in setting up the 100 % fibre optic network in Alsace... Launched in April 2016, the ROSACE Project fulfils the aim set by Région Grand Est to provide all households and businesses in Alsace with access to a Very High-Speed Network connection by 2021. ROSACE, a public service delegation, covers the region's least densely-populated areas in particular, that is 696 districts
  • International Women's Day - SPIE strengthens its So'SPIE Ladies mixed network | SPIE

    Set up in 2015, in two years the So' SPIE Ladies network has become a key player in terms of taking action to encourage a better gender mix in SPIE's teams... All these initiatives will be circulated on the company's internal social network where several So' SPIE Ladies communities have already been set up
  • SPIE lights up the Royal Fortress of Chinon | SPIE

    Paris, 20 November 2018 --SPIE CityNetworks, a SPIE subsidiary devoted to local development and to energy and digital networks, has been selected by the Departmental Council and the Syndicat Intercommunal d' Energies d' Indre Et Loire (the intercommunal energy board of the Indre-Et-Loire department) to install the permanent lighting for the Royal Fortress of Chinon
  • At SPIE, it's every day March 8th! | SPIE

    Mobilisation of the So' SPIE Ladies mixed network. Cergy, March 6 th, 2019- -As every year, International Women's Day is a key event in the mobilisation of the So' SPIE Ladies network, which has been working across all subsidiaries of the SPIE group since 2015 to promote equality in the workplace and encourage mixed-gender teams
  • Performance improvement solutions | SPIE

    Working in all businesses through a local presence network... SPIE employs its line of specialised technical skills to offer a comprehensive set of services, including the design, development and maintenance of new facilities