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Safety of personnel

  • Site security | SPIE

    SPIE works with its customers to ensure the safety of their personnel, sites and installations, while meeting all relevant safety standards. The Group offers comprehensive solutions to meet a variety of specific needs: video protection, access control, fire prevention systems, etc
  • SPIE Ouest-Centre wins a major maintenance contract at Total's Donges refinery | SPIE

    The safety of personnel and installations are of paramount importance in carrying out this contract, as the refinery is classified as a high-threshold SEVESO site. Total is committed to a progress plan to optimise its installations and the successful performance of the contract
  • Performance improvement solutions | SPIE

    SPIE provides its customers with qualified personnel by offering comprehensive training programmes in technical skills, theoretical knowledge and the safety of personnel and installations. These strengths enable the Group to develop innovative solutions that integrate the most effective new technology