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Safety of installations

  • SPIE Industrie & Tertiaire - Tertiaire division | SPIE

    Its 3 370 employees are involved in the design and manufacture of energy-saving and environmentally friendly installations... Implementation of global security and safety systems. The Tertiaire division of SPIE Industrie & Tertiaire, a subsidiary of SPIE France, provides multi-technical solutions dedicated to buildings and covers all areas of climate engineering expertise in France
  • Belgium: SPIE helps for carrying offshore wind energy onto land | SPIE

    These schemes follow on from the work on producing and installing the Horta high-voltage substation, delivered by SPIE Belgium in May 2015. Elia is highly satisfied with the priority we place on safety and with the way in which SPIE Belgium managed the installation of the Horta high voltage substation, says the project manager, Maarten Lozie, We resolved various problems connected with the technique or method efficiently and in a perfectly transparent and proactive way
  • SPIE replaces safety lighting for AWO Körtingsdorf senior center in Hannover | SPIE

    -AWO Bezirksverband Hannover commissions SPIE with the installation of new safety lighting at Seniorenzentrum Körtingsdorf senior centre. -The project focuses on conformity with all legal requirements as well as successful technical acceptance of the safety lighting
  • SPIE Wins £2.6m Contract for Installation Upgrade at Manchester Airport | SPIE

    The firm will be responsible for the installation of the LED lighting upgrade for the A538 Manchester Airport Tunnels for Runways 1 and 2. London, October 23rd 2017 --SPIE UK has been awarded the contract for the installation of the LED lighting upgrade for the A538 Manchester Airport Tunnels, which serve runways 1 and 2. The 20- week contract, worth in excess of £ 2 6 million, commenced in May 2017 as part of a planned refurbishment scheme alongside Galliford Try Plc, the construction and regeneration group