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Remote management

  • Sustainable mobility | SPIE

    Optimising traffic management and safety... Improving traffic management... Some of the Group's major projects include maintenance of motorway A43 in France (also known as Autoroute de la Maurienne), installation and maintenance of on-board remote switching systems, traffic lights for the Bordeaux tramway, and preventive and corrective maintenance of electromechanical equipment at the Cointe Tunnel (Belgium)
  • SIOUX platform: a new ecosystem dedicated to innovation and knowledge management at SPIE | SPIE

    SIOUX platform: a new ecosystem dedicated to innovation and knowledge management at SPIE... In today's age of digital transformation, which entails an increasingly systematic use of social networks, SPIE's Operational Excellence and Innovation Division is helping to develop a new creative and sharing ethos within the Group by launching the SIOUX knowledge management platform, in partnership with ARDANS, a firm specialising in information management and one of the leading players in the field of knowledge management
  • The Nord department entrusts SPIE with the task of maintaining computer equipment at 202 high schools | SPIE

    The management of the specific environment of the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region and the provision of day-to-day support, via a dedicated service centre, pose significant challenges for this vast operation, which covers almost 40 000 items of equipment... Telephone assistance, remote maintenance or on-site interventions: there is a specific solution and a dedicated team for every problem encountered
  • The @SPIE mobile app, the SPIE group's in-house and external digital hub | SPIE

    This provides staff members, wherever they are, with access to all in-house information published by SPIE and its subsidiaries on the SPIE intranet and offers them a mobile portal to the company's tools and services such as the virtual library or knowledge management platform. By creating a unique platform for in-house and external content, we are enhancing our proximity to staff members, particularly those working on remote sites who are not connected to the company's digital resources, and to all of our stakeholders: customers, suppliers, partners, etc. explains Pascal Omnès, SPIE group communications director
  • SPIE customer scheme wins award | SPIE

    Other service components included the optimised operation of the recooling plants, the expansion of waste heat utilisation and the establishment of a modern, digital energy management system for continuous remote monitoring of energy consumption. The result of these energy efficiency measures is impressive
  • SPIE develops innovative facility management processes at the ARENA2036 Research Factory | SPIE

    SPIE develops innovative facility management processes at the ARENA2036 Research Factory... -Together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering and a German car manufacturer, SPIE is developing innovative facility management processes as part of the FM ARENA project. -The development focuses on the use of digital solutions in facility management, such as digital building twins, resulting in the efficient operation of buildings
  • SPIE continues to develop its predictive maintenance offer in the industrial sector | SPIE

    This partnership is fully in line with the mission of the Industrie division of SPIE Industrie & Tertiaire, which supports demanding industrial customers at every stage of their production tools ' life cycle: identification of critical machines, definition of measurement points, implementation and configuration of specific sensors, online measurements collection, data processing & exploitation in predictive mode, remote or on-site intervention upon receiving alerts generated by the platform, and energy optimisations
  • SPIE looks to conquer new markets in Île de France Nord-Ouest | SPIE

    We are in a position to roll out the most high-performance systems: appropriate management of energy consumption, remote control of heating and lighting, access security and videophones, etc. A new organisation to increase our local presence