Remote management

  • Heritage lighting | SPIE

    SPIE magnifies the historic, cultural and tourist-focused heritage of cities and local authorities with lighting solutions that combine cutting-edge technology with remote management. Long-term or temporary illuminations to light up public spaces, tourist trails and monuments (churches, castles, listed monuments, bridges, squares, etc
  • SPIE France subsidiaries win 14 awards in the SERCE/OPPBTP Safety Competition | SPIE

    -Jury Prize in the Health category for their training course" remote management during a crisis", created with the help of a management consultancy specialising in psychosocial hazards, designed to better understand the new types of professional relationships created by teleworking. -Jury Prize on the theme of" PSI Actions" for their educational application" Serious Game Platform", developed to order, which allows the user to move around a virtual site or construction project and identify any risks and associated prevention measures
  • Mobility | SPIE

    Remote working: installation of remote working technology, workspace management, videoconferencing, cybersecurity. Infrastructure for road, rail, maritime and inland waterways