• Broadband expansion: SPIE expands Deutsche Bahn's fibre-optic network between Hof and Selbitz | SPIE

    Hof / Selbitz, 1 May 2021 -SPIE, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, has been commissioned by Deutsche Bahn to install high-speed fibre-optic cables- including the accompanying cable routing systems- along rail line 5021 between Hof and Selbitz
  • Tunnels | SPIE

    Road and rail tunnels... SPIE has created a safety rail with LED technology to provide better lighting and guidance along emergency evacuation routes to increase the safety of staff and users... SPIE's modular safety rail is specially designed for tunnels
  • SPIE to light up the exhibition spaces in Berlin's Pergamon Museum | SPIE

    The lights are integrated in almost 4 600 meters of continuous-row luminaires, which the team headed by Markus Rüdiger, project manager at SPIE Deutschland & Zentraleuropa, will attach to suspended mounting rails above daylight-simulating ceilings. The team will also be installing around 2 300 meters of busbars to accommodate~ another 200 ceiling-mounted and recessed LEDs and the connection to the cabling systems
  • SPIE Group takes shape (1998-2006) | SPIE

    Spie Batignolles (construction activities), Spie Enertrans (energy and rail transport activities), Spie Trindel (electrical engineering and local services). 1999
  • Mobility | SPIE

    Infrastructure for road, rail, maritime and inland waterways. By expanding the reach of e-mobility infrastructure and reducing the time that cars spend on the road, SPIE is directly contributing to the decarbonisation of the transportation sector
  • Beginnings (1900-1967) | SPIE

    While expanding in the area of rail network power supply, SPIE also diversifies into the power generation and distribution industries. It builds numerous thermal and hydroelectric power stations, as well as a significant portion of the overhead lines providing electricity to industry, towns and the countryside
  • SPIE takes part in development of the service sector hub for the Viotte eco-district in Besançon | SPIE

    This operation to redevelop railway wasteland either side of the cluster of tracks is designed to reinvigorate the centre of the conglomeration and develop a strategic services hub, connected to the high-speed rail lines. As part of this development, SPIE Est has just been awarded the contract for 3 batches of technical missions on the first two buildings at the services hub
  • Grand Paris Express : RATP chooses SPIE for the extension of metro line 14 South in preparation for the 2024 Olympic Games | SPIE

    As a key player in mobility, SPIE benefits from proven expertise in the area of transport and mobility engineering, particularly when it comes to rail. As well as being rooted firmly in the Ile-de-France region, SPIE CityNetworks draws on a Transport & Mobility division that strives to support the projects of tomorrow
  • SPIE renews the Altheim transformer station on behalf of TenneT | SPIE

    For this purpose SPIE planned, built and installed four 380- kV conduction fields, two 380- kV transformer fields and three 110- kV transformer fields, a 380- kV current compensation coil and more than 18 fields of a triple bus rail. In addition, the multi-technical service provider installed a complete set of protection, control and communications technologies on site, erected the new factory building and eleven control cells, and equipped the entire plant with new exterior lighting