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  • Sustainable mobility | SPIE

    From roads, motorways and airports to public, rail and river transport, SPIE offers expertise in all types of transport and actively responds to the growing need for sustainable mobility. The Group provides smart solutions for improving transport safety and flow, while reducing its environmental impact
  • SPIE Awarded £3.5m 'YG Route' Modernisation and Diversion Contract by SP Energy Networks | SPIE

    This is the first Transmission project that we have had with SPIE, and although a relatively short route it has many challenges including rail, road and even bridge crossings along with tower deviations, all occurring in close proximity to the local community. We have been impressed both with the way that SPIE have tackled these challenges and their engagement with the local community to achieve solutions that work for both the project and the local residents
  • SPIE takes part in development of the service sector hub for the Viotte eco-district in Besançon | SPIE

    This operation to redevelop railway wasteland either side of the cluster of tracks is designed to reinvigorate the centre of the conglomeration and develop a strategic services hub, connected to the high-speed rail lines. As part of this development, SPIE Est has just been awarded the contract for 3 batches of technical missions on the first two buildings at the services hub