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Pursue its development

  • SPIE regroups all its Swiss subsidiaries under the name of SPIE Switzerland Ltd | SPIE

    The fact that we are taking this step and can offer a full range of services enables us to pursue our European development strategy effectively. As a member of the organisation" CityZen" in Switzerland, SPIE is committed to the Smart city concept and is making use of certain technologies to work towards' the city of the future '. It is also supporting the first ' Smart Suisse ' conference, which will take place in spring 2017 in the city of Basle
  • SPIE selected as 'Top Employer' in Belgium for the 12th time | SPIE

    It owes this accolade to four areas of work pursued in 2018... Those conditions include a high-quality working environment, development of talent at all levels of the company and constant improvement of human resources practices... development of the employer branding, in particular on social networks and at events such as the Jobdays
  • SPIE signs an agreement for the acquisition of Lück Group in Germany | SPIE

    Together with the employees and managers of Lück Group, we will make further progress in our continued development in Germany, a key market for SPIE... SPIE shares Lück Group's management culture and corporate philosophy and will provide us with the conditions for personal development and business growth in the future
  • 5th edition of the SPIE "Disability Awareness Month": Achievements and business activities to aid people with disabilities in their everyday life | SPIE

    SPIE has committed to pursuing an ambitious approach for the benefit of people with disabilities, including internal initiatives and initiatives involving its customers... Disability Month, which SPIE has held for the last 5 years, is the culmination of initiatives pursued throughout the year to raise awareness of these problems amongst all its employees
  • SPIE wins Digital Leader Award | SPIE

    Development of FSM started in 2015 as a project for the gas-related service at the energy services provider Bohlen & Doyen... We consistently pursued a holistic approach, says Ruffer... The IT division of SPIE SAG, the CeGIT (Centre of Competence for Geo Information Technology) and an external service provider were involved in the development
  • SPIE looks to conquer new markets in Île de France Nord-Ouest | SPIE

    We are therefore pursuing three objectives: to support businesses in developing solutions most suited to their needs, to promote innovation, and to contribute to the development of installations that meet both the requirements of end consumers and energy efficiency criteria. Playing a part in Ambition 2020, SPIE's corporate plan for France
  • SPIE develops innovative facility management processes at the ARENA2036 Research Factory | SPIE

    -The development focuses on the use of digital solutions in facility management, such as digital building twins, resulting in the efficient operation of buildings... Anticipating the year 2036, the 150th anniversary of the car, ARENA2036 pursues the long-term goal of implementing lightweight design with integrated functionality in the versatile factory of the future
  • 2018 full-year results | SPIE

    In Germany, SPIE benefits from leadership positions in both Technical Facility Management and Transmission & Distribution Services, on markets where demand for technical services has continued to grow steadily in 2018. Organic growth was strong, at + 4 0 %. With the integration of SPIE SAG successfully completed and the disposal of German offshore cabling activities signed in December 2018, SPIE is now fully focused on performing, innovating and pursuing further growth in Germany